Air Self-Defense Force personnel from a C-130 transport plane carrying drinking water for disaster-hit Tonga arrive at an air base in Australia on Friday. | DEFENSE MINISTRY / VIA KYODO

ASDF plane carrying water arrives in disaster-hit Tonga

A C-130 transportation plane dispatched by the Air Self-Defense Force bring drinking water arrived in Tonga on Saturday after an undersea volcanic eruption and a tsunami hit the Pacific islands nation last weekend.The plane left the Komaki Air Base in main Japan on Thursday with safe and clean water prepared by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, a government-linked help company. It landed at an Australian air base on Friday prior to taking off for Tonga on Saturday morning.The ASDF is dispatching another C-130 packed with drinking water and 2 C-2 transport aircraft to the tsunami-stricken nation as part of relief efforts.The Maritime Self-Defense Force transport vessel Osumi is likewise expected to depart for Tonga to provide high-pressure cleaners and handcarts to be used in the elimination of volcanic ash.Australia and New Zealand have actually likewise dispatched aircraft and transport ships packed with help for people affected by the disaster.The eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Haʻapai volcano on Jan. 15 sent tsunami waves across the Pacific, eliminating at least three people in Tonga and causing substantial damage to structures and infrastructure there.Water supplies in Tonga have been interfered with by volcanic ash and seawater, and securing access to safe drinking water is “an important immediate priority,” according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.Meanwhile, the Tongan federal government said Friday that a total of 14 individuals were injured in the eruption and tsunami, launching a figure for the very first time considering that the disaster struck.It added that 84% of the about 107,000 individuals who reside in the island nation are estimated to have been impacted by falling ash and tsunami.The federal government likewise said all 3 fatalities so far were from the tsunami.While water remains the top priority for help, the government said water products have been checked, and that groundwater and tidy rainwater is safe to drink.Internet connections have also been interrupted in Tonga after the tsunami severed an undersea fiber-optic cable television. The federal government said a New Zealand airplane carrying devices for re-establishing minimal internet connection has arrived, which a vessel was expected to get here in the “next couple of days” to fix the cable.


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