Young workers’ injuries rise after recreational marijuana sales made legal

After states legalize the sale of weed for recreational use, on-the-job injuries rise among younger workers, new research shows. U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics for 2006 through 2020 show that legal “recreational marijuana sales were associated with a 10% increase in workplace injuries among individuals aged 20 to 34 years,” the study authors concluded. They

Automated insulin delivery systems: Advancements and future prospects

A special 13-article supplement to the peer-reviewed journal Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics (DTT) examines the “Development and Future of Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) Systems.  Included in the supplement is the article titled “A Peek Under the Hood: Explaining the MiniMed™ 780G Algorithm with Meal Detection™ Technology”, by Benyamin Grosman, PhD and his Medtronic algorithm team with co-authors

Will More Red Light at Home Keep Your Blood Glucose in Check?

Shining a specific red light frequency on a healthy person’s back for 15 minutes can reduce blood sugar level rises following food consumption, researchers have found. Lengthy exposure to LED lighting, in the absence of sunlight, may have significant long-term consequences for human health, including dysregulation of blood sugars, said the authors of a new

6 Best Pillows For A Good Night’s Sleep

Whether you’re snuggled up at home or off on an adventure, the key to a great night’s sleep lies in finding the right pillow. We’ve handpicked six top-notch options to ensure you drift off into dreamland, no matter where you lay your head. Here are the 6 best pillows for a good night’s sleep: Proglobe

Health care inequities behind shorter life spans for Inuit from Nunavik, Quebec, with lung cancer

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain People living in the Inuit region of Nunavik in northern Quebec die earlier after a diagnosis of lung cancer than Montreal residents receiving treatment at the same cancer center, according to new research published in theCanadian Medical Association Journal. All inhabitants of Nunavik are investigated and treated for cancer at the

What factors are associated with recent prostate-specific antigen screening in transgender women?

A new report in JAMA Network Open reports on factors associated with prostate cancer screening among transgender women. Study: Prostate Cancer Screening Uptake in Transgender Women. Image Credit: Jarun Ontakrai/ Background Not much is known about the incidence of prostate cancer in this population, but some research indicates that it may be as high as

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