Polio-Like Disease Expected to Increase This Fall

Polio (poliomyelitis) is a very contagious enterovirus infection that usually causes mild flu-like symptoms or no symptoms at all, and most people recover from polio without lasting health problems (nonparalytic polio).1 However, severe complications of polio can cause partial or total body paralysis, breathing difficulties and death.2 The first clinical description of this contagious

Adolescents who skip breakfast may develop obesity : Health

Horseshit study.. “By skipping breakfast, millions of children and adolescents around the world are probably replacing a more healthy homemade meal including dairy products, whole-grain cereal and fruit with fast food at an venue on the way to school, or at the school itself,” Forkert said. “This typically means consuming industrialized hypercaloric foods of low

Listeria Fears Prompt Target, Fresh Market Recalls

July 22, 2019 — Archer Farms-brand egg salad, Archer Farms-brand deviled egg sandwiches and Fresket-brand egg salad, tuna salad and Thai lobster salad have been recalled across the United States due to possible listeria contamination, Elevations Foods has announced. The recall is for the following products made on June 18, 2019. Archer Farms-brand

Gut bacteria may have motor neurone disease role

Image copyright Getty Images Gut bacteria may be playing a role in motor neurone disease, according to early studies in animals and people. Experiments show some species of bacteria – and the chemicals they make – change the pace of the disease. The team at the Weizmann Institute in Israel says it adds to work

Need to check your thyroid? Maybe not – Harvard Health Blog

As medical science advances, we have more tests and biomarkers available to help identify illnesses. Yet overdiagnosis and overtreatment that may occur following abnormal results can cause dangerous adverse effects and costly consequences. Hypothyroidism — a lower than normal range of thyroid hormones — may be the poster child for this problem because it is

Surgeons call for breast implant illness warning

Women who have experienced chronic pain and extreme fatigue after breast enhancement surgery have told the Victoria Derbyshire Programme they were not warned about the possible side effects. Breast implant illness (BII) doesn’t have an official diagnosis, but some women who believe they have the condition say they returned to full health after having their

Foreskin reclaimers: the ‘intactivists’ fighting infant male circumcision – Emboldened by the body-positive movement and a sense of rage, a growing chorus is pushing back against a common custom

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7 Ways Seeing a Therapist Is Better Than Talking to a Friend

I’m a bit biased about the positive effects of seeing a therapist, but I often have a new client come to me and say, “I was so scared to come here today,” or, “Well, that wasn’t really so bad. I thought it was going to suck!” The truth is, seeing a therapist doesn’t have to

How to Cook Rice

Rice, whether long-, medium- or short-grain,1 is a staple in many countries like India, China, Japan,2 Korea,3 Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.4 It can be enjoyed savory or sweet5 and pairs well with various ingredients. Some common types of rice include white, brown, red, black6 and wild,7 although you may also encounter other “special” types

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