Pfizer Offers Refund if Drug ‘Doesn’t Work’

The high cost of new cancer drugs has been the subject of many debates and discussions, but the issue remains largely unresolved. Now, one pharmaceutical company is offering a refund if its drug “doesn’t work.” For what it says is the first time in the industry, Pfizer has issued a warranty on crizotinib (Xalkori) and

Is Pizza Bad For You? Here’s How To Make Healthy Pizzas

For many, pizza is the ultimate comfort food. In addition to being affordable and accessible, it’s also very versatile and is a great dish to enjoy during house parties, in a bar, on game nights or lazy Saturday afternoons. However, too much of a good thing can also be bad. In this case, “regular pizza” can be bad for your health. But why?

M&A ramps up for clinical communications companies

A recent spate of mergers and acquisitions among clinical communications companies reflects providers’ shift away from purchasing targeted tools that address single problems and toward wanting broader platforms that tie in multiple capabilities, experts say. Symplr, which sells healthcare governance, risk management and compliance software, in October completed an acquisition of clinical communications company Halo

Valneva reports ‘positive’ COVID vaccine results

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Franco-Austrian biotech lab Valneva announced Monday positive results from clinical trials of its COVID vaccine candidate, a month after the UK government terminated a supply deal with the company. Britain had ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine for 2021-2022—the only order so far for Valneva, which has a production facility

Public health interventions, more hospitals associated with reduction in COVID-19 case-fatality rates

Counties that banned in-person religious gatherings and those with a greater number of hospitals per capita were associated with a decreased case-fatality rate of COVID-19 during the pandemic’s first wave, according to a new University of Michigan study. On the other hand, counties with high prevalence of asthma and a greater concentration of people over

COVID vaccine exemption passes West Virginia House

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A bill to limit West Virginia employers in their ability to require workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus passed the House of Delegates on Friday. The proposal, which would allow certain medical and religious exemptions to company COVID-19 vaccine mandates, passed the Republican-led chamber 68-30 with two delegates absent. It remains

Gut Bacteria May Fuel Prostate Cancer Treatment Resistance

A mainstay of treatment for prostate cancer is to deprive it of androgens, the hormones that make it grow. The testes are the main source of these hormones, so treatment can consist of either surgical removal of these organs or use of drugs to block their hormone production. Over time, some prostate cancers become resistant

Here’s How The ’30’ Singer Slimmed Down

After going through a divorce and a six-year break from the music industry, the famous singer surprised everyone with a slimmer figure in fall of 2019. But what exactly is Adele’s weight loss diet? Here’s how the Brit singer slimmed down. Adele’s Weight Loss Transformation After going through a long hiatus, the 15-time Grammy Award winner is ready to