General election 2019: Labour vows to end dental check-up charges

Image copyright Getty Images Everyone will be entitled to a “free teeth MOT” in England under a Labour government, the party says. Labour is proposing to scrap band one dentistry charges, which cover a check up, a scale and polish, and any X-rays that may be needed. It believes patients are put off going because

Switch to vaping ‘helps smokers’ hearts’

Image copyright Getty Images Smokers can improve the health of their hearts within weeks of switching to e-cigarettes, the largest trial of its kind shows. The month-long study of 114 smokers suggests vaping has the potential to reduce heart attack and stroke risk. The team, at the University of Dundee, stressed vaping was “not safe”

Learning How to Set Boundaries With Strangers

  “Boundaries aren’t about punishing. Boundaries are about creating safety for yourself.” – Sheri Keffer The person sitting beside you at the bar keeps talking to you despite your obvious disinterest. The flirty Uber driver mentions—three times—how beautiful you are. Your cousin’s new boyfriend gives you a too-long hug with wandering hands. In awkward situations

Not Getting Enough Shut-Eye? You Have Plenty of Company

By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, Nov. 15, 2019 (HealthDay News) — More Americans are having trouble falling and staying asleep, and smartphones and technology are probably to blame, researchers report. Their analysis of data from nearly 165,000 adults nationwide showed that the number who reported difficulty falling asleep at least once a

Macros vs. Calories vs. Inuitive Eating: What’s Best?

There are some things just about everyone knows. Take this one: To lose fat, you need to watch what you eat. No one has to hire a coach for that advice. But knowing how to monitor food intake? That’s something clients really need. Only it can be hard to know the best approach. Some experts

Polio in Nigeria: ‘I opposed vaccinations until my son caught polio’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A simple vaccine can prevent a child contracting polio Adamu Misa used to chase health workers away from his home in northern Nigeria but now campaigns for vaccines after his son contracted polio. His eight-year-old son Buhari went to bed one night healthy and strong. By morning, he had

Double Lung Transplant in Vaping Case a Success

Nov. 12, 2019 — The first double lung transplant done as a result of a vaping injury is a success, with the 17-year-old high school athlete on the road to recovery, doctors at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit said Tuesday. Doctors did the 6-hour transplant Oct. 15 after the patient’s situation became more and

How to Make Steel-Cut Oats in the Instant Pot

Table of Contents[Hide][Click to Show] I’m a big fan of eating a filling breakfast to start the day off right. When we have oatmeal, steel-cut oats are my go-to choice. They’re less processed than rolled oats and keep you feeling full longer. We like to try different add-ins to the oats for interest and variety after