A wave of tool theft spurs hi-tech security systems

Some real-world tech does, actually, come close. Tool brand Milwaukee, for instance, launched a system called One-key in 2016. It uses sensors clipped onto, or built inside, tools that link to a tradesperson’s smartphone via Bluetooth. You can choose to set up a geofence, a specific area on a map, so that if a tool

How To Effectively Troubleshoot M1 and M2 macOS Ventura Wi-Fi Issues

Image: Vitalii/Adobe Stock Basic interconnected technologies typically work so well that I’m surprised now when something actually fails. This is especially true when using Apple technologies, but I began experiencing trouble with my M1-powered Mac’s Wi-Fi connectivity in January. It turns out I wasn’t alone. Numerous M1- and M2-powered Mac users running macOS Ventura have

How 5G and AI will work together

Image: NicoElNino/Adobe Stock As new technology is constantly being developed, trends are merged and combined to enhance functionality and improve old systems. The future of fifth-generation cellular technology and artificial intelligence is a perfect example of how today’s innovators can apply two separate concepts together to develop new use cases and refine the inventions of

Using live activities in iOS 16.2 and enabling frequent updating

Live Activities are a new app-based tile that can appear on the Lock Screen in iOS 16 and keep you up to date with information. Learn how to use them and how to enable frequent updates. Image: Apple Live activities are a new feature in iOS 16.1 that have been revamped in iOS 16.2 to

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