The handshake in space that brought hope to the world

Despite their long-standing differences during the Cold War, in 1975 the US and USSR embarked on a joint mission into space. The aim of the operation was to dock an American Apollo space capsule with a Soyuz one made by the Soviet Union. The collaboration took place at a time when it looked like diplomatic

4 ideas for understanding and managing the power of algorithms on social media

Dean Eckles (upper left), a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, moderated a discussion with Daphne Keller, director of platform regulation at Stanford University, and Kartik Hosanagar, director of AI for Business at Wharton, about making algorithms more transparent. Theres no single option for making all social networks algorithms easier to comprehend and

Researchers in Hong Kong create ‘soft robot’ made of magnetic slime

Scientists at The Chinese University of Hong Kong have actually created a “soft robotic” made from slime containing magnetic particles, which can be controlled using external magnets. The magnetic particles are toxic, but have theoretically been ensured to enter the human body after being covered in a layer of silicone substance – although more security

How to install TeamViewer-like AnyDesk on Linux

Remote admins require the right tools to finish the job. If among those tools is a GUI for handling remote systems, AnyDesk should be on your radar. Jack Wallen shows you how to install and utilize this simple tool. The post How to set up TeamViewer-like AnyDesk on Linux appeared first on TechRepublic. Source link

How to secure and move files between iCloud and OneDrive

Next, browse to the search where you area to move want file, then press Copy in the top-right corner. Due to differences in between file services, if you genuinely want to move (as opposed to copy) the file to the other service, you will need to return to the files (or directorys) original place and

How to tackle machine learning’s MLOps tooling mess

MLOps tooling is bound to get easier, there are simple actions you can take to get value from machine learning today. Generally we seek to tooling to make tech easier. MLOps is doing the reverse. What can be done? Its tooling all the way down. The problem, Eric argued, is that no one wishes to

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