Why I am buying Apple’s new MacBook Pro

Apple announced all-new powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros in October 2021. Here’s why one seasoned consultant will be purchasing the new model. Image: Apple There are typically several reasons people buy a new laptop. The current notebook may be old or failing, or it may have broken or been stolen. Another reason

Top 5 tips for dealing with supply-chain disruptions

Weather events and port issues have caused major disruptions in the global supply chain. Tom Merritt gives us five ways to deal with it. Global supply chains are in shock. Port shutdowns, volatile and unpredictable buying patterns, unfortunate weather events, fires and more have thrown the system well out of whack. It won’t last forever,

Gartner analyst: 12 technologies to accelerate growth, engineer trust and sculpt change in 2022

CIOs must prioritize the same business imperatives and find the IT force multipliers to enable growth and innovation, according to a Gartner analyst during Gartner’s IT Symposium. Image: Urupong, Getty Images/iStockphoto CEOs have three priorities for 2022: growth, digitalization and efficiency, and CIOs add value to those with force multipliers, creative technology and scalable foundation.

The cloud has changed everything–except how we market it

Commentary: Though the cloud keeps changing how we build applications, the way we market it has hardly changed at all. Image: GettyImages/da-kuk A decade is the equivalent of a lifetime in terms of technology years, or that’s what we like to tell ourselves. This is particularly true of cloud computing, which was meant to change

Apple’s Swift programming language: Cheat sheet

Apple’s Swift has far-reaching effects on all platforms, not just iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS. Learn why Swift matters, how to use the programming language and how it differs from Objective-C. Objective-C has won the hearts of many developers. It started as a programming language that bundled object-oriented programming (OOP) with the likeness of

Data center admins: Learn how to run a basic vulnerability scan on your Linux servers with Nessus

Data center admins: Learn how to run a basic vulnerability scan on your Linux servers with Nessus Length: 1:33 | Oct 15, 2021 Make sure the Linux servers in your data center are free from vulnerabilities by scanning them immediately using Nessus. Source link

Best MacBook Builds for 2021

Learn a long-time technology consultant’s recommended best Mac laptop builds for 2021, whether you’re an average, mobile or even demanding business user. Apple offers various Mac laptop builds for a reason. A MacBook configuration–the combination of system architecture and design, display size, CPU, storage and memory–that works well for one user may not suit the