China faces diplomatic setback in its push for influence in Pacific islands — Radio Free Asia

Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama speaks at a press conference at the Pacific Islands Foreign Ministers' meeting in Suva, Fiji, May 30, 2022. Credit: Fiji government.

China and 10 small Pacific island nations have failed to sign a Beijing-initiated agreement amid concerns in the region about geopolitical power play. An analyst said that was a diplomatic setback to China. It followed expressions of concern to Pacific nations from the U.S. and regional powers, but it was unlikely to diminish Beijing’s ambitions

‘Contactless’ humanitarian aid has its perks, and pitfalls

A photo provided by the Australian Defence Force shows an Australian Army helicopter flying over Atata Island, Tonga, on Feb. 3. | DAVID COX / AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE VIA THE NEW YORK TIMES

” There was a sensation that the international community had surged in, taken over the action and overridden the existing regional system and local methods to determining and attending to needs after catastrophes,” said Luke Ebbs, the Vanuatu director for Save the Children.After Harold, many of those same logistics were coordinated by the Vanuatu Skills

Japan resumes aid mission in Tonga after COVID-19 cases among members

Relief supplies are unloaded Saturday in Tonga from an Air Self-Defense C1380 transport plane.  | DEFENSE MINISTRY / VIA KYODO

Source link. PICTURE GALLERY (CLICK TO ENLARGE). In a time of both false information and excessive details, quality journalism is more important than ever.By subscribing, you can assist us get the story right. SUBSCRIBE NOW Japan has actually resumed its help activity in Tonga, which was hit by an undersea volcanic eruption previously this month,

Tonga eruption dwarfed the power of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, NASA says

A satellite image shows the Jan. 15 eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano.  | NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS (JAPAN) / VIA AFP-JIJI

The Tonga volcanic eruption unleashed explosive forces that dwarfed the power of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, NASA scientists have actually said, as survivors on Monday explained how the devastating Pacific blast “messed up our brains.” We believe the amount of energy released by the eruption was equivalent to someplace in between five to 30 megatons

ASDF plane carrying water arrives in disaster-hit Tonga

Air Self-Defense Force personnel from a C-130 transport plane carrying drinking water for disaster-hit Tonga arrive at an air base in Australia on Friday. | DEFENSE MINISTRY / VIA KYODO

A C-130 transportation plane dispatched by the Air Self-Defense Force bring drinking water arrived in Tonga on Saturday after an undersea volcanic eruption and a tsunami hit the Pacific islands nation last weekend.The plane left the Komaki Air Base in main Japan on Thursday with safe and clean water prepared by the Japan International Cooperation

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