Lions See These Illusions the Same Way You Do

The many evils of social media notwithstanding, millions of users agree that some of its most delightful aspects include viral illusions and cute cat videos. The potential for synergy was vast in retrospect—but only realized in 2013, when Rasmus Bååth, a cognitive scientist from Lund University in Sweden, blended both elements in a YouTube video

Scientists Capture Spectacularly Rare Footage of Deep-Sea Fish Devouring a Whole Shark

Feasts are rare on the barren landscape of the ocean depths. So researchers couldn’t believe their luck when they stumbled on a feeding frenzy of deep-sea sharks chowing down on a fallen swordfish off the US coast earlier this year.   But they never imagined they would also capture footage of one of those sharks

Stone Age artists were obsessed with horses and we don’t know why

By Colin Barras A replica of a Lascaux cave paintingPHILIPPE PSAILA/SCIENCE PHOTO Stone Age occupants of Europe had a strange fixation on horses. Almost one in every three animals they depicted on cave walls was a horse and the images are often larger and occupy more prominent positions than those of other animals. However, why

NASA’s Mars 2020 will hunt for microscopic fossils — ScienceDaily

Scientists with NASA’s Mars 2020 rover have discovered what may be one of the best places to look for signs of ancient life in Jezero Crater, where the rover will land on Feb. 18, 2021. A paper published in the journal Icarus identifies distinct deposits of minerals called carbonates along the inner rim of Jezero,

Aversion to Broccoli May Have Genetic Roots

If you have heart disease, your doctor might tell you, eat more vegetables. A tactic that has… limited success.  “Getting people to change their diets is actually pretty hard. These are lessons I would give over and over again. And I would think, why is this so hard to do?” Jennifer L. Smith is a

Incredibly Rare ‘Mouse Deer’ Spotted in Vietnam After Vanishing For Almost 30 Years

A very rare species of small, deer-like animal thought to be on the verge of extinction has been spotted in the northwestern jungle of Vietnam for the first time in nearly 30 years.   Known as the silver-backed chevrotain or mouse deer, a specimen was last recorded in 1990, according to a study published Monday

Birds are stealing boozy palm wine when people aren’t looking

By Michael Marshall A common bulbul feeding on palm wine in the forest of Orango Island, Guinea-BissauJorge Gutiérrez Three species of African birds are slurping alcoholic palm wine from trees that have been tapped by local people. The behaviour may be socially learned and therefore evidence that the birds have their own unique cultures. The

Heat sensor frustrates Bloodhound land speed car

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWatch the Bloodhound supercar get off the line Engineers working on the new British challenge to the land speed record will spend the weekend chasing down a sensor issue on their Bloodhound car. The arrow-shaped racer was targeting 550mph (885km/h) on Friday’s latest run across the Kalahari

Western Individualism Arose from Incest Taboo

In what may come as a surprise to freethinkers and nonconformists happily defying social conventions these days in New York City, Paris, Sydney and other centers of Western culture, a new study traces the origins of contemporary individualism to the powerful influence of the Catholic Church in Europe more than 1,000 years ago, during the