Over 1,700 environment activists killed in decade – report

In this latest report from Global Witness, Latin America is very much the frontline when it comes to deadly attacks on environmental campaigners and activists. The study finds that 68% of the murders took place across this continent, with Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Honduras recording the highest totals. Source link

Study contradicts Rees-Mogg over hydrogen for heating

The appeal of hydrogen is that it is clean when burnt, and that it can be made from water, an almost limitless resource. But it’s no miracle energy source, with big challenges associated with how the hydrogen is made. Most of the world’s hydrogen is currently manufactured using fossil fuels (referred to as grey hydrogen),

Wildlife protection helps species thrive in Europe – report

Grey wolves are one of the greatest success stories, according to the report. They were found in most areas of Europe at the end of the 18th century before their abundance decreased as human populations rose. They have now repopulated many regions in Europe, where numbers increased by nearly 1,800% between 1965 and 2016, according

Hurricanes: Are they getting more violent?

Hurricanes are among the most violent storms on Earth and there’s evidence they’re getting more powerful. So how do they form and what impact, if any, is climate change having? BBC Weather’s Louise Lear explains. Motion graphics by Jacqueline Galvin Produced by BBC Reality Check Source link

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