The Antarctic and Arctic sounds rarely heard before

“With Earth’s poles warming faster than the global average, this collection of sounds aims to draw attention to a fascinating but rapidly changing environment, and encourages us to think about ways to preserve it for future generations,” explains Stuart Fowkes, founder of Cities and Memory. Source link

Sex and no sleep may be killing endangered quolls

“Sleep deprivation, and associated symptoms for a prolonged duration would make recuperation impossible and could explain the causes of death recorded in the males after breeding season,” said Joshua Gaschk, the study’s lead author. “They become easy prey, are unable to avoid vehicle collisions, or simply die from exhaustion.” Source link

Land use: Government has overpromised says Royal Society

Judy Ling Wong, honorary president of the Black Environment Network, and member of the steering group for this report, said the government had made commitments to deliver green jobs, but “schoolchildren cannot even name the jobs of the land-based sector”. Source link

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