Funding crisis threatens crucial UK ocean monitoring project

A funding crisis could prevent crucial ocean monitoringGetty By Adam Vaughan Are we weakening an ocean current that is crucial to the global climate? It’s a vital question we may soon struggle to answer due to a funding crisis. For the past 15 years UK and US researchers have used a string of moorings, running from

How a member of a family of light-sensitive proteins adjusts skin color — ScienceDaily

A team of Brown University researchers found that opsin 3 — a protein closely related to rhodopsin, the protein that enables low-light vision — has a role in adjusting the amount of pigment produced in human skin, a determinant of skin color. When humans spend time in the sun without proper skin protection, the sun’s

Spain alarmed by French bear’s attacks on sheep

Image copyright oncfs Image caption France released two Slovenian brown bears in the Pyrenees last October A female brown bear released in the French Pyrenees has killed eight sheep in Spain, prompting emergency talks between the two countries. Claverina is now roaming through the mountains of Navarre, having crossed from Béarn in south-western France. Spanish

11 Cool Things You Never Knew about Fireflies

The flashes of fireflies on a warm summer night remind many of us of our carefree childhood sense of wonder. With firefly season almost upon us, their enchanting light displays will soon spark our curiosity and capture our imaginations. Perhaps because we are so familiar with them, either from growing up chasing them or seeing

This Is What Happens if Your Eye Pigment Cells Turn Cancerous

Iris cancer is a relatively rare disease – but it can be deadly. The medical world knows it as uveal melanoma – the uvea being the layer of the eye that includes the iris, ciliary body (the muscles that control the shape of our eye lens) and choroid (where the blood vessels are).   The

Titan’s seas may be coated in organic goop that stops waves forming

Titan’s oceans are still and filthyNASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Idaho By Leah Crane The methane seas on Saturn’s largest moon are remarkably calm, and it might be because of a thin floating layer of organic gunk. Titan’s thick atmosphere is full of complex organic compounds, which give it a distinct orange colour. Those compounds are

Research on repetitive worm behavior may have implications for understanding human disease — ScienceDaily

Repetition can be useful if you’re trying to memorize a poem, master a guitar riff, or just cultivate good habits. When this kind of behavior becomes compulsive, however, it can get in the way of normal life — an impediment sometimes observed in psychiatric illnesses like Tourette’s syndrome and autism spectrum disorders. Now, Rockefeller scientists

Trump Administration Might “Re-Examine” Climate Modeling

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler used an overseas gathering of environment ministers this week to hint that the United States might overhaul the way it uses climate data and modeling. Five days after his assertion was included in an official document from the Group of Seven meeting in Metz, France, it remains unclear if Wheeler revealed

These 25 US Places Are at The Highest Risk of an Imminent Measles Outbreak

We’re not even halfway through 2019, and already the US has confirmed more than 700 cases of measles. Thanks to a mix of factors – not least, non-medical exemptions from vaccination – some areas are at higher risk than others.   Researchers have put together a list of top 25 potential hotspots for outbreaks authorities

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