Trump Plans to Beat Mueller’s Report With Help From Fox News

Donald Trump has been attacking Bob Mueller’s special counsel investigation for nearly two years, calling it “a witch hunt” and “a hoax.”  But according to the Associated Press, he may try to claim victory and upend Robert Mueller’s report no matter what it says. Mueller may issue a report any day now, and as we wait

U.S. Pressures Iraq Over Embrace of Militias Linked to Iran

Mr. Pompeo has told the leaders of power-starved Iraq that they must stop buying Iranian natural gas and electricity. But on Tuesday, following recommendations by senior Pentagon officials, he agreed to extend a waiver of the sanctions to allow Iraq to buy electricity from Iran. The new waiver will expire in 90 days, in the

Fox News’ Sean Hannity wing is apparently worried the Murdochs are dumping Trump : politics

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Trump loves to kick people when they’re down—like six feet down

Over the weekend, Donald Trump resumed his attacks on deceased Sen. John McCain. But it’s not as if Trump ever quit. From mocking McCain’s time as a prisoner of war, to claiming he was last in his class at Annapolis (he wasn’t), Trump just cannot stop taking digs at McCain. And when McCain’s daughter dared to defend her

White House proposal to cap student loans would mean only rich people can afford elite schooling – ThinkProgress

A week after federal prosecutors revealed just how brazenly rich families cheat to get their kids into elite colleges, the White House proposed changes to higher education laws that would further widen the college access gap between people born into money and those less fortunate. On Monday, President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Labour Leave fined £9,000 over referendum donation errors

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Home shopping magnate John Mills was a key figure in both Vote Leave and Labour Leave Pro-Brexit campaign group Labour Leave has been fined £9,000 for failing to accurately declare donations before and after the 2016 referendum. The group, which was led by businessman John Mills, did not properly

Brexit: Theresa May to press on with deal despite Bercow ruling

Image copyright Reuters Image caption With 10 days to go before Brexit, Theresa May will meet her cabinet on Tuesday The government says it is pressing ahead with Theresa May’s Brexit deal despite Commons Speaker John Bercow throwing the process into doubt. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay suggested a vote could take place next week –

CNN Treats Senator Elizabeth Warren to a Cakewalk Town Hall

NewsBusters has been monitoring CNN’s town halls with the Democratic presidential hopefuls for 2020, and Monday’s event with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, hosted by Jake Tapper, was arguably the easiest for any candidate so far. Out of the 31 total questions asked, 22 of them were from the

Joe Biden Fueling Speculation That He’ll Pick Stacey Abrams As His Running Mate

Former Vice President Joe Biden isn’t only expected to launch a presidential campaign within the next few weeks, but new reporting indicates that he could select a running mate early in the primary process. According to CNN, Biden is considering revealing his VP choice early to raise the excitement level around his candidacy and

Texas Refuses to Use Voting Machines With a Paper Trail : politics

Edit: the person I was discussing clarified to me elsewhere that they do not actually think anyone should be legally barred from voting, and simply worded their statement poorly. Mostly no, because if they haven’t voted that means: A. They do not want to vote and are less likely to have knowledge about the candidates.

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