Exploring Stephen King's INSANE Attempt to Make You Fear The TOILET

Exploring Stephen King's INSANE Attempt to Make You Fear The TOILET

00:00 – Stephen Kings Bathroom Horror
05:46 – Sponsored by Raycon
07:32 – The Characters & Conflict
11:16 – What Makes Dreamcatcher Creepy?
13:56 – Ending Spoilers

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This program commemorates Ryans love for film, games, art and entertainment through personal retrospective analysis that aims to explore what made them so good.

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NBC News Interview (2001 ): https://youtu.be/w0lofwQTWKk
The Rolling Stones Interview (2014 ): https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/stephen-king-the-rolling-stone-interview-191529/
TIME Interview: https://entertainment.time.com/2009/11/09/stephen-king-on-his-10-longest-novels/slide/dreamcatcher-2001/ (2009 )

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50 thoughts on “Exploring Stephen King's INSANE Attempt to Make You Fear The TOILET

  1. You really hit the nail on the head with "Bleak for bleakness' sake" – that was something that stood out to me about Dreamcatcher, and ultimately made finding something to enjoy in it hard. Like another commenter, I'd love your take on Doctor Sleep – something that had just a little bit of hope mixed in to the horror.

  2. Like so many of King's novels, Dreamcatcher starts SO well but then careers off the rails at breakneck speed.

    This would have worked much better as a straight-up alien parasite novella because the body horror stuff is exceptionally well done and is genuinely unsettling.

    It's all the other stuff that ruins it.

  3. DreamCatcher was a phenomenal film. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Slasher films aren't the only horror genre I enjoy. Creature features are great films, and it's always pleasant to get one that's more than that. Great video. Thanks as always.

  4. Dear Ryan I have a film for you
    Diabolique is the name and it’s a suspense story with twists and turns and is also a horror revolving about 2 women who have close ties to a principal who plan to murder and is also an underrated film by a man who is often dubbed the French Hitchcock

  5. TBH if you (like King was for a long time) an alcoholic AND junkie … the fear of the toilet is 100% real… anyone that has gone on a 7+ day bender will attest to such fear lol

  6. Damien Lewis's performance is campy perfection! I remember him getting criticism at the time for his English accent because it was so ridiculous, reviewers not realizing that he actually is English

  7. It's very funny how a book with a very similar concept called The Troop (a bunch of people go out into the wilderness and encounter some kind of strange parasite that causes body horror and horrible changes) is so similar in that the monsters tend to be gastrointestinal but it's so much more terrifying.

    Considering it's ability to mix together ideas from Thinner and Dreamcatcher, I think The Troop is a good example that it's often King's execution and not his conceptions that lead to his books falling flat.

  8. Bless your heart for trying to make a case here. My mom hates this book and movie; only one with that distinction was ‘From a Buick 8’. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the writer-director is the legendary Lawrence Kasdan; yes the man who wrote the best ‘Star Wars’ film ever made

  9. Here’s a possible subject for 2022: Terrifier. A movie that is made up if two incredibly disjointed parts: Incredibly explicit gore porn and a charismatic, hilarious performance from its main villain that simply doesn’t mesh with the nastiness of the rest of the film.

  10. This was a really fascinating video to watch. I have read the book, and seen the movie. Overall the book is a superior product, but primarily because the movie falls apart in the last few minutes. Dudits is one of Stephen King's most classic tropes, a disabled person with profound abilities and insight into The Human Condition.

    Honestly, I think that the inclusion to be anything more than a background reason for them to know each other, was to the detriment of the film and the Book alike. That whole subplot seems almost as if it was intended to be the original plot for the story, only to be put aside when something better work its way out. Minus that character, and all of the reveals that come with him in the very final scenes, the story is an excellent throwback to the old sci-fi Invasion films of the 50s. I even enjoyed the Memory Palace, it's a actual psychological tool that serves as you no doubt very adequately to illustrate how Jonesy fights off Mister Gray.

    Still, there are far worse at a patient's of his work, and as I said other than the last few minutes and the reveals with regards to. It's, it overall is an entertaining story

  11. Excuse me, but it was "The Shining" that made me fear the bathroom, to the point where, as a kid, I couldn't keep the shower curtain closed, for fear of something hiding in there. 😆

  12. As a kid, this was a very profound experience and the bathroom scene never felt anything but terrifying. (Then i also watched Deep Rising and the toilet seat monster idea never left me)

  13. Never got all the hate this movie generated. It's shot very well, the characters are mostly likable and believable, and the only really out there character, the good guy alien, isn't in it much.

  14. Jokes on you, my paranoid ass was already scared of toilets and bathrooms.

    No joke they gave me extreme anxiety as a child. Especially public bathrooms with the airplane engine loud toilets and acoustics that heighten every sound.

  15. I think I was one of the only people that liked Dreamcatcher . The funny part is I was in the hospital when I seen it after stomach surgery and didn't even think much of the toilet stuff .

  16. Gotta say I can't stand how they ended the movie, that whole contrived point of Douglas being an alien is exactly that, contrived. In the original story, Douglas was just an anomaly, gifted with telepathy. It really reinforced the theme of "Shit happens" or literally "Same Shit Different Day" when there really WASN'T a reason to Jonesy and co getting their abilities. They were just regular guys thrown into an odd life.

  17. The book was better, I loved how it took place in Derry and when jonesy was possessed by the alien Mr Grey, he saw graffiti at spot that said Pennywise lives and the alien is like who is that and jonesy is like oh some serial killer

  18. As a kid I thought this was too gory and scary. Left my parents watching it during the toilet parasite scene. I remember my dismay when I find out it was know as the toilet horror movie. I was too scared for the toilet horror movie…

  19. I think annihilation or ex machina would make an excellent video. They both are amazingly interesting and deal with some very uncomfortable and unsettling topics, so right up your alley.

  20. I read the book that this film was based on when I was in high school. I personally found that for as ridiculous and chaotic this story was; the deaths of the characters who died in the novel were all very visceral and hard to read at times due to how we got to know the characters prior to their repective demises. The novel is by no means one of King's best works but it stuck with me after I read it due to how bizarre and sad the premise was.

  21. I only read the book… think I saw that My Name Is Earl was starring in the movie and just assumed it would be a bad adaptation.

    I'm guessing the movie doesn't have a scene where the Commander gives himself a quick rectal examination for fungal spores.

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