How to check all SIM cards registered on your Aadhaar card

How to check all SIM cards registered on your Aadhaar card

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) just recently released a web website that permits users to examine mobile connections released in their names. Called Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAFCOP), the website can be used to see the list of mobile numbers released against a user Aadhaar card. Based on DoT standards, registration for approximately 9 mobile connections is allowed for one user.Using the website, people can likewise report the numbers that they do not determine or are no longer in use. “This site has been developed to assist subscribers check the number of mobile connections operating in their name, and take required action for regularising their extra mobile connections if any”, checks out the About page of the TAFCOP website.Heres a detailed guide to examine contact number registered versus your Aadhaar number and take proper action1.Visit the TAFCOP website ( 2. Enter your mobile number and click on Request OTP3.DoT will send you an SMS with the OTP to verify your sign in4.Enter the OTP to validate5.The portal will display the list of all mobile numbers related to your Aadhaar card. Users can report and obstruct numbers that are not in useFacebookTwitterLinkedinTop CommentCurrently this center is offered just to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Consumers. So this news is IDIOTIC method to squander your time.
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