‘You Need to Calm Down’ may be Taylor Swift’s most political move yet

(CNN)Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” is a pop anthem for equality and understanding. The singer debuted a new video for the song on “Good Morning America” Monday in the midst of LGBTQ Pride Month and included a call to action. “Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws

MTV Movie & TV Awards 2019: Zachary Levi hosts Hollywood’s golden popcorn party

CNN will have all the show highlights, along with complete coverage of the night’s wins in some pretty unusual categories. Haven’t done your movie and TV homework? Here’s a cheat sheet so you can prep before the big show. What to expect at on the MTV red carpet MTV will stream a red carpet show

Batman movies have long history of bringing out fans’ batty side

The run-up to the Dark Knight, however, also underscored a darker side of fandom, one that seems to become uniquely passionate — and in some quadrants, enraged — when it comes to casting actors to play Gotham’s hero, from Michael Keaton to Ben Affleck to, now, Robert Pattinson. Twitter didn’t exist when Keaton landed the

Drake celebrates the Raptors’ NBA championship with new music

After jumping up and down, chugging champagne — he’s the Champagne Papi after all — and hugging everyone around him after the game ended, the rapper announced he’s dropping new music Friday — or as he called it, a “2 pack.” In an Instagram post shortly after the game, Drake posted a photo of a

Britney Spears granted five year restraining order against Sam Lutfi

The singer and her family have been granted a five-year restraining order against her former friend, Sam Lutfi. The decision was made Thursday, according to court documents obtained by CNN. The restraining order is an extension of a temporary order issued last month, which mandated Lutfi not make “disparaging public statements” about Spears or her

Kate Mara opens up about miscarriage before the birth of her daughter

The actress talked about her fertility struggle on the June 13 episode of Dr. Berlin’s “Informed Pregnancy Podcast,” revealing how she took a pregnancy test after dreaming she was pregnant. She was driving with Bell when she decided to break the news. “I turned to him and I was like, ‘Is now a bad time

Here’s to some of our favorite TV dads

Football coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) was a father figure not only to his daughter, but his players, in the NBC series “Friday Night Lights,” helping them navigate life in — and out of — their football-mad Texas town. Our favorite TV dads – James Avery, who died at 68 on December 31, 2013, portrayed

‘Euphoria’ and ‘Trinkets’ join crowded class of TV teens in trouble

“Euphoria” takes the “teenage wasteland” concept to extremes, focusing on Zendaya’s Rue, a young addict, and her equally troubled circle of friends. Beyond plenty of drug abuse, the youths are depicted in an assortment of sex acts — with peers and adults — through the first four episodes previewed. Many of those scenes are jarringly

Samuel L. Jackson had so many notes on the ‘Shaft’ script

A little background on Shaft himself; he’s an older guy who never quite got with the program and in 2019 doesn’t know how to use a computer, threatens to beat up a woman, and makes homophobic jokes throughout the movie. But that wasn’t gonna fly. In order to make the new Shaft likable, but not

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reunite in generic Netflix comedy

In olden times, Sandler movies would open reasonably well in theaters, then enjoy a long life on pay TV and other platforms. Today, it’s hard to imagine many flocking to the cineplex for such fare, so Netflix skipped that step and signed Sandler to a longterm deal, figuring after a beer or glass of wine

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