Marketplace worried omicron will boost inflation: Economic expert

Marketplace worried omicron will boost inflation: Economic expert

Allianz primary financial consultant Mohamed El-Erian talks about the effect of the brand-new coronavirus strand on financial healing. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!

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24 thoughts on “Marketplace worried omicron will boost inflation: Economic expert

  1. Omicron 52 mutations with 30 mutations on spike protien is like watch a telephone sitting contest. Please investigate Biden Family and Democrats for front running stocks, bonds, futures and options. We’re these liberals shorting the market before the news???

  2. Not enough people to fill the jobs? There are plenty of people to fill jobs. It's just that the jobs suck or people are unwilling to work because they have better alternatives (this includes federal aid and printed handouts).

  3. I don't believe the covid hype. It's been mutating multiple times since the 1st spread so the newest variant doesn't scare me. Millions are immune. How the govt is going to use the new covid variant to control the public, spread fear or change laws worries me.

  4. If they were able to talk Sowell into chairing the Fed, inflation might not be as bad. At the same time, there's no way that "Build Back BS" should be passed….EVER! Btw, there's no such thing as "transitory inflation".🙄

  5. This whole Covid thing won’t be gone until Biden is out of office. They will use this against the American people, even the world. Maybe I am wrong and this is GOD plan, or maybe it’s a new world order conspiracy that has been talked about for decades.

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