Couple from China sentenced to jail for obstructing COVID-19 contact tracing in Singapore

The couple, who worked with 3 different sets of defence lawyers throughout their court hearings, argued that it was a matter of miscommunication which they did not intentionally leave out or lie information.

Hu was condemned of one count under the Infectious Diseases Act of intentionally withholding info from contact tracers about his whereabouts and activities.

In his defence, Hu stated he did not offer particular details to health officials as he was either unaware they desired that info, could not remember the names of the locations he went to or did not have adequate time to react.

She stated she could practically confirm that Mandarin was not the womans native tongue, and compared it to a chicken speaking to a duck.
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Hu testified that he felt “abnormally cold” and used several blankets in the ward, but later on informed the district attorney upon interrogation that it was likely he only had the influenza.

She described how she broke down in medical facility and seemed like nobody could comprehend her requests, and stated she discovered it hard to interact with the contact tracer.

” Until today Im not too sure if Im a validated case (of COVID-19),” he stated, claiming that no one informed him so while he was in health center.

His partner was founded guilty of 4 charges for keeping details, providing incorrect info and stopping working to react totally and honestly to a health officer.

Hu had checked favorable for COVID-19 in January last year, nine days after showing up in Singapore from Wuhan to spend Chinese New Year with his household. The Chinese city was then the epicentre of the coronavirus break out.

Hu did not tell a health officer that he had taken a trip to different locations while infectious, consisting of hotels, a restaurant and the Chinese embassy.

His wife Shi testified about her experience and stress when she started believing that her husband had COVID-19..

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