Coronavirus: Fears of spike in poaching as pandemic poverty strikes

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Experts warn of a return to tiger poaching Conservation groups say nature must be a cornerstone of economic recovery plans for the sake of people, health and economies. The call comes amid fears of a “spike in poaching” as rural communities lose vital income. In Cambodia, 1% of the

Climate change: Blue skies pushed Greenland ‘into the red’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Melting in Greenland in 2019 While high temperatures were critical to the melting seen in Greenland last year, scientists say that clear blue skies also played a key role. In a study, they found that a record number of cloud free days saw more sunlight hit the surface while

Chernobyl: Ukraine officials calls for calm as fire rages

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionFootage shows wildfires near the nuclear disaster site Ukrainian authorities have called for calm as firefighters battle a blaze near the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear plant. A senior emergency service official said there was “no threat” to the plant or its storage facilities, while deputy interior minister Anton

The audacious plan that could save a species

Image copyright Getty Images The future of the northern white rhino is looking bleak. Only two are left in the world – both are female. But scientists have an outlandish plan to save them from extinction. When I went to meet the rhinos in Kenya, they began circling the car. So I was alarmed when

Deadly olive tree disease across Europe ‘could costs billions’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The impact of infection with Xylella – the trees on the right have not yet been exposed to the bacterium Researchers say the economic costs of a deadly pathogen affecting olive trees in Europe could run to over 20 billion euros. They’ve modelled the future worst impacts of the

Why does President Trump want to mine on the Moon?

Image copyright Getty Images President Trump wants the United States to start mining on the Moon for minerals. The US president recently signed an executive order stating America has the right to explore and use resources from outer space. The order also said the US did not see space as a common area for resources,

Your pictures on the theme of ‘insects’

And finally, Martin took this pictures while working from home. The next theme is “at home” and the deadline for entries is 15 April 2020. Send pictures to or follow the link to “Upload your pictures here” below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to “We set the theme,

Coronavirus: Great apes on lockdown over threat of disease

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It’s not known how the virus might affect great apes like gorillas Great apes have been put on lockdown against the threat of coronavirus. Gorilla tourism in Africa has been suspended, while sanctuaries for other apes, such as orangutans, have closed to the public. It’s not known if great

Cities struggling to boost urban tree cover

Image copyright ACanvasOfLIght/Flickr Image caption Urban trees provide a range of benefits for towns and cities Many cities around the globe are struggling to reconcile ambitious environmental targets with development pressures, a study has suggested. Scientists in Melbourne recorded a net gain in street tree cover but a net loss in parks and private land.

BepiColombo: Mercury mission set to wave goodbye to Earth

Image copyright ESA Image caption Artwork: The stacked probes will pass by the Earth at a distance of 12,700km The joint European-Japanese mission to Mercury reaches a key milestone on Friday when it swings past the Earth. The two-in-one BepiColombo space probe is using the gravity of its home world to bend a path towards

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