Kilogram to be defined by Planck constant instead of a lump of metal

Au revoir, Le Grand KReuters/Benoit Tessier By Leah Crane There’s a new kilogram in town. Scientists from around the world met today at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles, France, and unanimously voted for a new definition of the kilogram – one based on fundamental physical constants rather than a lump of

First-ever views of elusive energy explosion — ScienceDaily

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have captured a difficult-to-view singular event involving “magnetic reconnection” — the process by which sparse particles and energy around Earth collide producing a quick but mighty explosion — in the Earth’s magnetotail, the magnetic environment that trails behind the planet. Magnetic reconnection has remained a bit of a

Climate change: Report says ‘cut lamb and beef’

The number of sheep and cattle in the UK should be reduced by between a fifth and a half to help combat climate change, a report says. The shift is needed, the government’s advisory Committee on Climate Change (CCC) maintains, because beef and lamb produce most farm greenhouse gases. The report foresees an increase in

Cities Can Alter Hurricanes, Intensifying Their Rainfall

Local forecasters knew Hurricane Harvey would be a bad storm. Their models suggested it would drop 10 to 15 inches of water across the city the first day after landfall, says Jeff Lindner, a meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District. “But if we go back,” he says, those models “were a bit low

Humans Have Changed The Course of Evolution in Ways We Never Predicted, Scientist Warns

By now, most of us can list a variety of ways our species is making a mess of this planet. Canadian zoologist Sarah Otto reports in detail how humans have made a mess of things, with the aim of asking how it affects evolution overall. The answer isn’t academic, either – it could show us

Growing demand for oil will lead to shortage and high prices in 2020s

Energy demand in India is set to doubleMilind Ketkar / Alamy Stock Photo By Michael Le Page We need to slash greenhouse emissions to limit global warming, the UN warned in October. But the International Energy Agency sees a very different future in its latest report, the World Energy Outlook 2018. Growing energy demand in

A daring experiment corroborates translational system’s place at earliest foundations of life on Earth — ScienceDaily

So audacious was Marcus Bray’s experiment that even he feared it would fail. In the system inside cells that translates genetic code into life, he replaced about 1,000 essential linchpins with primitive substitutes to see if the translational system would survive and function. It seemed impossible, yet it worked swimmingly, and Bray had compelling evidence

Badger cull: Vets accuse ministers of ‘barefaced lies’

Image copyright SPL A campaign group of vets has accused Defra and its ministers of telling “barefaced lies” about the effectiveness of one of its badger culls in England. The group has written to the Chief Vet, Dr Christine Middlemas, asking her to ensure that the department retracts “insupportable claims that its badger cull policy

Noam Chomsky Calls Trump and Republican Allies “Criminally Insane”

I don’t really have heroes, but if I did, Noam Chomsky would be at the top of my list. Who else has achieved such lofty scientific and moral standing? Linus Pauling, perhaps, and Einstein. Chomsky’s arguments about the roots of language, which he first set forth in the late 1950s, triggered a revolution in our

Apple Admits There Are Hardware Issues With Its IPhone X And 13-Inch MacBook Pro

On Friday, Apple announced that two of its products – the iPhone X and the 13-inch MacBook Pro (non Touch Bar) – have known hardware issues. Bloomberg first reported on these issues after being posted on Apple’s support pages on Friday.   Apple said that on some iPhone X devices, display screens are experiencing touch issues. Those issues include:

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