Venezuelan blackout eases in some areas; opposition rallies

Venezuela’s opposition on Tuesday sought to harness anger over a massive blackout that deepened hardship nationwide, but a relatively modest turnout at a Caracas demonstration highlighted the weariness of Venezuelans who despair of an imminent solution to their plight. Lights came back on in parts of the capital and other areas of Venezuela overnight following

Mexico officials detain more migrants as crackdown steps up

Authorities reinforced efforts over the weekend to deter Central Americans and others from crossing Mexico to reach the United States, detaining migrants in the south and stationing National Guardsmen along the Rio Grande in the north. In Arriaga, a town in the southern state of Chiapas, The Associated Press saw about 100 migrants bused to

Activists blast Rio gov comment about slum missile strike

A human rights official and community activists are criticizing the governor of Rio de Janeiro state for saying that a missile could be sent to “blow up” drug traffickers in a local slum. During a ceremony to present a security program, Gov. Wilson Witzel said “our military police do not want to kill them, but

“El Chapo” mother, sisters get US visas to visit drug lord

The mother of convicted drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman said Saturday that the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City granted her a visa so she can visit her son in prison. Sitting in a wheelchair in front of the embassy, Consuelo Loera said that she and two daughters were both approved Saturday for visas to

Venezuela military barricades bridge in attempt to block aid

The Venezuelan military has attempted to block humanitarian aid from entering the country by barricading a bridge at a key border crossing, Colombian officials said Wednesday. The bridge was blocked a day prior by the Venezuelan National Guard with a fuel tanker, two cargo trailers and makeshift fencing near the border town of Cucuta in

Venezuela air force general defects from Maduro government

A Venezuelan air force general defected from the administration of President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday and called on his compatriots to participate in protests against the socialist leader’s rule. Gen. Francisco Yanez is the first high ranking officer to leave Maduro’s government since Jan. 23, when National Assembly President Juan Guaido declared himself the country’s

Struggle for control of Venezuela returning to the streets

Momentum is growing for Venezuela‘s opposition movement led by lawmaker Juan Guaido, who has called supporters back into the streets for nationwide protests Saturday, escalating pressure on embattled President Nicolas Maduro to step down. A defiant Maduro’s socialist government has called on its own loyalists to flood the streets waving flags to celebrate the 20th

Peru’s attorney general resigns over corruption probe

Peru’s attorney general resigned on Tuesday amid accusations that he hindered a corruption probe involving Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht. In a letter presented to Peru’s chief prosecutors, Pedro Chavarry said he was stepping down in order to preserve the autonomy of the Attorney General’s Office and stop the country’s president from intervening in other, independent

Venezuela’s congress names new leader, vows to battle Maduro

Venezuela’s opposition-controlled congress opened its first session of the year Saturday, installing a fresh-faced leader who struck a defiant tone and vowed to take up the battle against socialist President Nicolas Maduro. Juan Guaido assumes the presidency of the National Assembly stripped of power by Maduro, whose government is blamed for leading the once-wealthy oil

US fires tear gas across Mexico border to stop migrants

U.S. authorities fired tear gas into Mexico during the first hours of the new year to repel about 150 migrants who tried to breach the border fence in Tijuana. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement later Tuesday that the gas was used to target rock throwers apart from the migrants who were

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