North Korea’s best fruit sent to Pyongyang for Chuseok, angering rural residents — Radio Free Asia

chuseok 2.JPG

Rural residents in North Korea are complaining that their government is unfairly giving the best quality apples and peaches to citizens of the capital Pyongyang ahead of Saturday’s Chuseok holiday, sources in the provinces told RFA. Chuseok is the Korean version of the autumn harvest festival celebrated throughout northeast Asia. The holiday draws comparisons to

Jane McDonald shares the two pairs of shoes you should pack for a cruise

Jane McDonald

It can be difficult to pack for a cruise holiday, especially as they become more and more trendy. The ships can feature a huge amount of amenities, from pools to restaurants and theatres, there is something for everyone. With that in mind, it’s no longer as simple as dressing comfortably, but you might not have

Ryanair leave Scots boy in tears after refusing to let him on holiday flight despite legal passport

Natasha said Ryanair had "made up" a rule stopping Ryley from boarding

An eleven-year-old boy was left in tears after Ryanair denied him from boarding a flight to Tenerife despite his passport not expiring for another four months. Ryley McGuckin, 11, cried and apologised to his little brother Barry, 7, after staff at Prestwick Airport claimed his passport had expired and didn’t comply with new Brexit travel

North Korean officials import luxury foods ahead of Lunar New Year — Radio Free Asia

North Korean officials import luxury foods ahead of Lunar New Year — Radio Free Asia

Ships showing up from China bring fruits, oil and sugar are going into North Korea throughout the Yalu River border to perform ahead of Seollal, the Lunar New Year holiday, but sources informed RFA the products were for officials of the State Security Department, not for the public. Seollal, in addition to the harvest holiday

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