Plenty more fish in the sea? Not for the poor and hungry, researchers say

ROME, Sept 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Swapping fish for meat to help combat climate change risks exacerbating hunger in Africa, from where fish is increasingly exported to wealthy nations instead of providing key vitamins to malnourished local people, experts warned on Wednesday. Some consumers in rich countries are shunning meat in favour of other

Unilever reveals global tea suppliers in drive for slave-free sourcing

LONDON, Sept 12 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Consumer goods giant Unilever released a list of its global tea suppliers on Thursday, bolstering a drive to stamp out worker exploitation and modern-day slavery on plantations. The move by the Anglo-Dutch food group – which buys 10% of the world’s tea supply and owns at least a

FEATURE -Vigilantes join forces to stop Kenyan families losing donkeys to China

NAIVASHA, Kenya, Sept 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – K enyan families left destitute by the theft and slaughter of thousands of donkeys by criminal networks supplying skins for Chinese medicine are hitting back – with vigilante gangs. Over the past three years Kenya has become the epicentre of a fast-growing industry in Africa to supply

Ethiopia to install 4G network ahead of telecoms liberalisation

ADDIS ABABA, Aug 30 (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s state-run Ethio Telecom plans to install a 4G network in the capital and other regions and to upgrade other network services, it said on Friday, as the government prepares to open up the sector to private foreign investment. In July, Ethiopia announced it would award two telecoms licences

More people, less water? Scientists see risks on upper Nile

LONDON, Aug 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Rapid population growth, combined with a hike in hot and dry years, is likely to dramatically increase the number of people suffering water scarcity on the upper River Nile, climate change scientists said on Wednesday. By 2030, demand for Nile water will exceed supply, and by 2080, almost

Tanzania to export 700,000 tonnes of maize to drought-hit Zimbabwe

DAR ES SALAAM, May 30 (Reuters) – Tanzania will export 700,000 tonnes of maize to Zimbabwe after an El Nino-induced drought wilted crops, Tanzania’s president said, adding that he hoped the sale would stimulate trade between the two nations. “We have agreed to sell 700,000 metric tonnes of maize to Zimbabwe, which faces food shortages,”

Urban middle class may offer lifeline to rural Africa

ROME, March 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The rise of an urban middle class across much of Africa is stoking demand for food that could curb hunger and cut poverty in rural outposts, a U.S.-based think tank said on Wednesday. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) said rural communities were in “a state of

Coffee growers, future crops at risk amid low global prices -producers

BOGOTA, March 27 (Reuters) – Global coffee growers are being forced into poverty by low international prices for the crop, farmers’ representatives said at an international conference, warning the future of the industry is at risk. Coffee futures are near a 13-year bottom, trading as low as 93.45 cents per pound on Wednesday – far

Millions of women still landless despite global push for equality

WASHINGTON, March 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Millions of women worldwide are still unable to access and own land despite laws recognising their rights, researchers and campaigners said on Monday as they urged countries to bridge the gap between policy and practice. Patriarchal attitudes towards women and girls and a lack of knowledge of their