Cambodia’s Hun Sen says he’ll still lead ruling party when finished as prime minister — Radio Free Asia


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has stated that he will continue to lead the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), and thus remain in power, even after he one day retires from the government. Having ruled the Southeast Asian country since 1985, Hun Sen has teased the idea of stepping down several times in recent years

North Korea’s best fruit sent to Pyongyang for Chuseok, angering rural residents — Radio Free Asia

chuseok 2.JPG

Rural residents in North Korea are complaining that their government is unfairly giving the best quality apples and peaches to citizens of the capital Pyongyang ahead of Saturday’s Chuseok holiday, sources in the provinces told RFA. Chuseok is the Korean version of the autumn harvest festival celebrated throughout northeast Asia. The holiday draws comparisons to

Vietnamese authorities walk back decision ordering artist to destroy 29 paintings — Radio Free Asia

An undated photo of Vietnamese poet and painter Bui Chat. Alpha Art Station

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee reversed a decision ordering a popular Vietnamese poet and artist to destroy 29 of his works because he hosted an exhibition in July without a permit, he told RFA. Bui Quang Vien, better known by his pen name Bui Chat, held the exhibition from July 15-30 at the

In Vietnam, Gorbachev remains a divisive figure — Radio Free Asia


Though staunch communists in Vietnam reflected on Mikhail Gorbachev’s passing on Tuesday by calling him a traitor for causing the USSR’s 1991 collapse, others in the country credited reforms he implemented as the Soviet Union’s last leader with starting Vietnam on its own path to modernization. Gorbachev, who passed away on Tuesday at age 91,

As opportunities dry up, North Koreans turn to mudfish farming — Radio Free Asia

A farmer digs a ditch during the rainy season to prepare a loach farm.

North Korea is seeing an uptick in loach farming as residents hope to survive poor economic conditions and food shortages by raising the small mudfish to consume or to sell in the marketplace, sources in the country told RFA. The species of loach native to China, Taiwan and the Korean peninsula lives in the muddy

Cambodian American lawyer gets 6 years for ‘treason’ in mass sentencing of opposition — Radio Free Asia


Police in Phnom Penh on Tuesday arrested a Cambodian American lawyer and activist dressed as the Statue of Liberty outside a courthouse, where minutes before a mass trial ended by convicting her and more than 50 other opposition figures of treason. Theary Seng and the others were all in some way connected to the Cambodian

Rebuilt dam near site of devastating collapse releases water, scaring residents — Radio Free Asia


A file picture taken Aug. 19, 2018, showing damage in Sanamxay district of Attapeu province in southern Laos, about a month after the breach of the Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy dam that left 71 dead and thousands displaced. Credit: RFA. An Attapeu province authorities confirmed that the PNPC launched water Friday. ” They, the business, are

Crackdown on foreign videos catches North Korean military officers — Radio Free Asia

Crackdown on foreign videos catches North Korean military officers — Radio Free Asia

North Korea has actually punished more than 10 military authorities after they were caught in belongings of “impure” video files– South Korean TV shows, Japanese pornography and Hollywood films– as a crackdown on prohibited foreign media moved to focus on high-ranking men in uniform, military sources told RFA. Residents of North Korea are prohibited to

North Koreans in China prohibited from traveling to Beijing during Winter Games — Radio Free Asia

North Koreans in China prohibited from traveling to Beijing during Winter Games — Radio Free Asia

Organization throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been rough. With factories shut down and trade with North Korea suspended from January 2020 to last month, many of the workers cant even cover their own living expenditures in China. The Olympics might reveal to them how much better off the rest of the world is. North Korean

North Koreans struggle as government provokes world with missile tests — Radio Free Asia


Runaway inflation and severe lacks of food and other necessities are positioning the worst suffering in North Korea in a generation, but rather than focus on the financial crisis, Pyongyang has increase missile tests to challenge Seoul and Washington, sources in the nation and experts say. The federal government in 2015 informed the country of

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