Former Trump China adviser Miles Yu wants NATO to go global — Radio Free Asia

United States Naval Academy professor Miles Yu, a former China adviser to the Trump administration,  poses for a photo during an RFA interview in Livermore, California, Oct. 16, 2021. Credit: RFA

Historian Miles Yu, a former China adviser to the Trump administration, has called in a recent op-ed article for NATO to create a broader security alliance including the Indo-Pacific region, in a bid to stave off a Chinese invasion of democratic Taiwan. “There is an emerging international alliance, forged in the face of today’s greatest

ASEAN states unlikely to choose sides between US and China, say officials and experts — Radio Free Asia

Cambodian Minister of Defense Tea Banh and Chinese Ambassador Wang Wentian are seen swimming following Ream Base groundbreaking ceremony in Sihanoukville. Credit: Tea Banh’s Facebook page.

When Cambodia’s Minister of National Defense General Tea Banh was seen taking a leisurely dip in the Gulf of Thailand with Chinese Ambassador Wang Wentian after a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a Cambodian naval base being built with China’s help earlier this month, no one in the region batted an eyelid.  As U.S.-China friction is getting

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