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Metal-mining pollution impacts 23 million people worldwide

“We mapped the area that’s likely to be affected, which, when you combine that with population data, shows that 23 million people in the world are living on ground that

Rishi Sunak delays petrol car ban in major shift on green policies

The prime minister claims the changes will support “hard-pressed families” but opponents accuse him of “selling out”. Source link

Half-million-year-old wooden structure unearthed in Zambia

Ancient timber preserved in a riverbed suggests humans were building wooden structures 500,000 years ago. Source link

Rishi Sunak considers weakening key green policies

Conservative MP Chris Skidmore, the former chairman of the UK government’s net zero review, said diluting green policies would “cost the UK jobs, inward investment, and future economic growth that

Google DeepMind AI speeds up search for disease genes

Google DeepMind has used its technology to identify parts of human DNA that might cause diseases. Source link

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