How these 6 people overcame huge health and fitness barriers (and you can too).

Wouldn’t it be nice if embarking on a health and fitness journey meant a straight line to success? For better or worse, that’s not real life — but there is hope. Here are six true stories from Precision Nutrition Coaching clients who faced major obstacles on the road to weight loss, overcame them, and used

Alana Wylie-Reeves: Getting comfortable with change.

At more than 250 pounds, Alana Wylie-Reeves found herself uncomfortable, frustrated, and immobile. The biggest obstacle she faced in her efforts toward better movement and health? A deep-seated aversion to change. Here’s how she found the resilience to embrace discomfort — and lose more than 60 pounds in the process. ++++ Two years ago, Alana

NHS told to ditch ‘absurd’ fax machines

Image copyright Getty Images The NHS will be banned from buying fax machines from next month – and has been told by the government to phase out the machines entirely by 31 March 2020. In July, the Royal College of Surgeons revealed nearly 9,000 fax machines were in use across the NHS in England. The

Savory Fish Curry With Roasted Cauliflower and Okra Recipe

Pete Evans and Dr. Mercola recently joined forces and created a new cookbook, “Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook.” In this book you’ll discover easy and delicious recipes, along with practical tips on how to follow a ketogenic eating plan. CLICK HERE to order your copy now. If you like (or love) curry, then you’ve probably

The athletes starving themselves for success

Image copyright Kenza Barton Schlee Image caption Anna Boniface ignored the warning signs of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport Anna Boniface seemed to have the world at her feet when finishing as the 2017 London Marathon’s fastest amateur female runner. Her performance earned her an England team place in that autumn’s Toronto Marathon. The then

How the Opioid Epidemic Affects Chronic Pain Patients

“It is borderline genocide,” said DeLuca, 37. “You are allowing [chronic pain patients] to go home and essentially suffer until they kill themselves.” Last year, Lauren DeLuca went to the emergency room in the middle of the night, violently ill and in pain with a pancreatic attack. Despite the fact that she was passing out

Meet the talking and crying childlike manikin

He can cry, turn his head, talk, has the body of a five-year-old boy and even has a pulse. But Hal is not a child, he is a manikin designed for training undergraduate nurses at the University of South Wales. Tutors said he takes teaching to the “next level” as it allows students to practice

4 Reasons Why Appearance Matters in Relationships

Talking about appearance is a touchy subject. No one wants to be judged solely by the way they look, nor should they. Attractiveness is defined by many things that go beyond the superficial. That being said, however, there are certain things about appearance that are quite important. No matter how shallow it sounds, looks do

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