7 Fashion Must-Haves for Modest Girlies this Summer

Calling all modest girlies, the time has come for us to keep an eye out for the top fashion must-haves for this summer, from tiered skirts and asymmetrical tops to linen trousers and chunky brown belts, and cheetah print and draped layers. This is the summer of funky silhouettes and eye-catching pieces. 

The sun’s out, and that means we are out grabbing iced coffees and sitting by the beach while eating sandwiches with our girls. We need to live life to the fullest, and life is way more fun with the right outfit

While modest fashion is growing exponentially as it seeps into the world of high-fashion and celebrities, we see Muslim fashion designers grow in popularity—and rightly so. Designers such as Kazna Asker and Amna Podur are creating new silhouettes, patterns, and designs to diversify the industry. Not only are they revolutionizing what we know as art, but they are showing beauty in Islam, modesty, and culture. 

Let’s chat about this summer’s hottest trends:

1. Tiered skirts

A tiered skirt is for everyone. It’s for the girls going to tea parties or on a luxurious trip to Europe. It’s for the girls who don’t know what to wear but know it’s a no-pants kind of day. Pinterest right now is flooded with tiered skirts ranging in a variety of different fabrics, and a variety of different styles. You can even elevate your tiered skirt by investing in an asymmetrical skirt to add a unique, classy flair to your outfit. This skirt from Oak & Fort perfectly embodies the 2024 summer vibes. 

2. Asymmetry

Speaking of asymmetry, unique, original pieces turn heads on any occasion. Whether it’s at the park or at a ball, a unique garment is sure to gain some traction as you enter the room. Asymmetrical tops, skirts, and even pants are the perfect jaw-dropping, head-turning element to elevate any casual outfit. 

A perfect example of an asymmetrical, modest silhouette is the Inci Set by Azra the Label. Its gorgeous, Mediterranean features are perfect for the summer. 

3. Linen 

We know her, we love her, we’ve seen her each summer. She’s a staple in our closets that we’ve grown to depend on during hot summer days. This summer, be prepared to see interesting silhouettes in linen. Linen trousers, skirts, wrap tops, and jackets are sure to appear in your closet in the upcoming months. 

A good linen wardrobe must start with the right pair of pants. The Wilfred Lodge Linen Pant is essentially that—the perfect linen pant. It’s not sheer, nor is it too heavy, while maintaining the ideal wide-leg for us modest girls. 

4. Draping and layers

Draping is a HUGE trend this year—within the modest fashion world and outside of it. The wet look gives a sense of allure and mystery. It is classy and timeless. Tops, skirts, dresses, or even a draped scarf across the shoulder adds the perfect amount of flair when going out. 

Fashion Designer Amna Podur continues to create stunning clothing showcasing elegance and originality to empower modest women. As Founder of Podur, she utilizes her creative background and keen eye to design elegant pieces for women and children. 

Featured in her clothing, alongside the gorgeous silhouettes, can be seen a signature look of hers—draping fabric across the shoulders. It elevates the pieces and shows Amna’s ability to create. 

5. Patterns and prints

We went through an epidemic of sorts—one that restricted us to solid-colored chiffons and strict color blocking for years. With modals and Vela, we see more girls investing in print hijabs and looking great while wearing them.

Cheetah, floral, and animal print have been regaining popularity through dresses, pants, and scarves. Hijab has been part of my life for over fourteen years, and only now do I find myself investing in patterns and prints. 

Fashion designer Kazna Asker is revolutionizing the industry by incorporating cultural prints into London streetwear as a means to empower her Yemeni community in Sheffield, UK. 

Her efforts and talent have been showcased in Vogue Italia, Vogue Arabia, and London Fashion Week—to name a few. To read more about Kazna Asker, click on this article by Dazed Magazine. 

6. Abayas 

So we knew this was going to be on the list. The classic bat-wing abayas became 2024 Eid Al-Fitr’s most worn outfit. The elegance, flair, and beauty that comes with the silhouette is more than a trend—it is timeless. 

A casual abaya with trousers and a top go wonderfully together. If you’re feeling like an outfit change, you can later pair that same abaya with a slip-dress and heels for a fancier look. Abayas are the perfect way to incorporate true versatility into your wardrobe and ensure intentionality and quality in the pieces you buy. 

The Muslimah Collection features a variety of colors in their linen abaya—exactly what we want to see this summer. 

7. Chunky, Coachella-esque accessories

I’ve seen so many Muslim women pair dresses and skirts with chunky brown belts and seashell necklaces. The bohemia vibes pair well with whites, creams, blues, and earth tones. The key to any good outfit is to accessorize, and an accessory that can stand on its own transforms the outfit for the runway.

Tag Muslim Girl on socials to share your summer looks! We can’t wait to see how you all style this summer’s hottest trends.

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