This Week’s News: “Critics Pan Biden Plan To Bring Gaza Refugees Into US: ‘Terrorists Entering Our Homeland’” and More

As Israel starts what is obviously the final phase of its genocidal operations, Biden is all over the place about his policy in Gaza — but not really, he’s enjoying every bit of it.

Between news stories that say he’s helping and others that say he’s not, we’ve got everything rounded up.

“What People Are Getting Wrong about the House Antisemitism Bill”

They’re claiming that this unhinged Bill that solidifies Israel’s regime aims to protect Jewish students against discrimination when JVP has been spearheading advocacy for Palestine, especially ever since October 7, and now on university campuses — let alone Jewish rabbis in every protest! *Bombastic side eye*

“Appeasing the Pro-Hamas Protesters Puts Universities in Legal Peril”

We started with Fox News calling us “Anti-Israel agitators,” and Kurt Schlichter — whose tweets are outrageous hate speech — calling us “Palesimpians.” Now, we’ve made it to “Pro-Hamas protesters.” Wait until we become “Pro-Terrorism Inciters” — smh.

“The U.S. Military Pier off Gaza May Soon Be Operating. Aid Workers Question Its Role”

So it’s supposed to provide aid to Palestinians, but again, the details are still unavailable — just as how the final verdict on the investigations into Israel’s war crimes is still pending.

“Critics Pan Biden Plan To Bring Gaza Refugees Into US: ‘Terrorists Entering Our Homeland’”

This is madness beyond compare! So they’re allowed to smear innocent Palestinians with this blasphemy, whereas showing live footage of Israel committing ethnic genocide is “anti-Semitic” and “hate speech”? My foot.

“Israel-Gaza War: Biden To Halt Some Arms Supplies if Israel Invades Rafah”

Biden’s justifying what’s happening in Rafah right now by saying, “They haven’t gone into the population centers. What they did is right on the border.” Biden’s pretending like he’s helping when he isn’t — and it’s disgusting because the entire world can see through it.

“$10 Million To Harvard, Brown And Others Flowed From The ‘State Of Palestine’”

If the “State of Palestine” is just “a political fiction that provides cover for numerous terror organizations funded by Iran and others” then the “State of Israel” is a Western terror project that disturbs the stability of the Middle East and ethnically cleanses indigenous people funded by the U.S. and others — just as the U.S. did to the indigenous people of America. A nation that founded its government using genocide is surely desensitized to another form of genocide.

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