7 Practical Ways To Save Up for Hajj

This year’s Hajj is less than two months away. Hajj is the most sacred and important pilgrimage a Muslim man or woman can embark on in their lives. Once every year, Muslims from all over the world gather their life savings and go to the holy city of Makkah to perform the blessed pilgrimage. It’s a hard, tiresome but extremely rewarding journey. And now, with this year’s Hujjaj (people who will be performing Hajj) are preparing for their journeys, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you save up for your own Hajj in the coming years, InshaAllah.

But before that, let’s keep in mind that Hajj isn’t cheap. As the years go by, the packages and prices keep increasing. By keeping a broad estimate of about $10k-$15k (USD) ($15k-$20k AUD and $5k-$10k GBP), you’ll have a good enough idea of how much you’ll need to save up for Hajj, and perhaps, if Allah wills, even have a few thousand left over.

1. Pay off all pending debts/zakah

First and foremost, it’s important to have a record of the zakah (compulsory charity) and debts you still must pay off. Ideally, it’s better for a person to have paid off any overdue or long-standing debts and zakah before embarking on their journey. However, if you’re under financial hardship or are unable to pay off your debts, and there is no set time limit, then there are several scholars who have said that going for Hajj is permissible.

2. Save 20-30% of your income

Something that we should all do, especially for such big events like Hajj, is to save a good amount of our income and put it into a savings account or fund. Let’s say I make $4000 a month, after tax. If I save around 25% of that, which is $1000, I should be able to save up to $12,000 in twelve months. Setting aside a quarter of your salary each month will help considerably in saving money.

3. Spend only on needs, not wants

Another difficult but very essential way to save money is by reducing costs in our daily lives. Because consumer culture is at an all-time high, we tend to buy things we don’t need very often. If we make a mental note and are determined enough to save up for Hajj, we’ll be able to make sure we eliminate any wants and only buy the absolute needs.

4. Limit going out

Similar to the point above, for a while, limiting how much we spend on our entertainment and enjoyment will be for our own benefit. We can always go out to that restaurant with our friends after we have finished saving up or go on that long weekend girls’ trip a year later. If Hajj is your goal, make sure you prioritize saving up for it, even if it comes at the cost of your missing a few fun days out.

5. Join a rotating money club

A rotating money club is a club where community members of a specific community pitch into a general fund which is then distributed equally amongst all members. By joining the club, you can pitch in an amount of money and specify when you’d like your share (close to when you need to pay for Hajj).

6. Budget, budget, budget

Budgeting, while often painful, is one of the most efficient ways of saving money. Create a weekly or monthly budget with your streams of income and spend only where necessary. Cut any unnecessary costs out and make sure you follow your budget strictly.

7. Start saving early

Don’t wait until a few months are left for Hajj to start saving. Make a plan and jot down exactly when you’d like to go for Hajj. Start saving a year or two before that date. You might be tempted to dip into your savings or give up halfway but remember your goal; pleasing Allah SWT and completing a compulsory part of your religion.

Once you’ve saved up, you can find little ways to manage your funds smartly and even save extra money. Choosing to travel with a group of people you know, picking a cheaper hotel to stay at in Makkah/Madinah, or even choosing a budget airline may help you cut costs during Hajj as well.

May Allah SWT give us all the chance to visit His most beautiful and blessed house soon. And for those who are completing Hajj this year, may Allah SWT accept their efforts. Ameen.

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