🚨Colin Cowherd Just EXPOSED The Truth About Coach Prime Colorado Buffaloes HYPE TRAIN‼️

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32 thoughts on “🚨Colin Cowherd Just EXPOSED The Truth About Coach Prime Colorado Buffaloes HYPE TRAIN‼️

  1. 🚨🚨🚨I’m telling you now I’m NEVER STOP WATCHING DEION COACH THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE AND IM IN IT WIN OR LOSE SUCH A Experience that doesn’t match this kinda of entertainment Deion is a MOVIE 🍿 ITS SELF EXTREMELY FUNNY AND SUCH A INSPIRATION FOR HES BOYS FOR THE CU buffs I don’t see how any other player would want to go to any other school this is not just football this is the road to greatness for those boys it’s crazy other coaches don’t care about you going to the NFL as much as coach prime make them believe they truly will all make it no matter what

  2. This is never gonna die out, coach prime is a different animal who brings something no other coach does. He doesn’t mind the cameras on his team he’s giving you a look into a footba team NOBODY ELSE EVER has done. People love the story but they love more THE INSIGHT INTO THE STORY, the behind the scenes , the interviews. That’s why people love it, they have never had so much insight into a team , the building of a team, the inside of the mind of a coach, his staff. And prime is never gonna change that. That’s who he is. People expect CU To do well this year but not win but they do know as we see this season into the next season we know prime is gonna get everything he really wants and eveyone will have a front row to the entire process. Win or lose I always ride with coach prime

  3. Over what? Coach Prime has BENCHED A 5-⭐️, was in a Championship game, his own son failed to follow rules by being late, he was told to not dress out. So a young man out of Florida being lazy, missing meeting, this is Coach Prime, he’s appropriate for the times. I stopped watching College Football because it was under-hyped. It was basically BORING AS**

  4. College football was boring to some people. Now, all kinds of people are tuning in. Grandmas,Grandpa's, everybody tuning in. Get excited, I can't wait until Saturday. I have never looked at college football.
    We love entertainment. Lil Wayne, I'm coming, we here. Now give me my theme music 💯
    Crunk it Up…Google it.❤

  5. Colorado doing number they we watching something special here u not going get this again enjoy it while u can there only one deion he always have a positive vibe about him we respect excellent a icon

  6. Imagine if PRIME , aka Mr. FSU , had gotten the position at his Alma mater FSU ‼️‼️ COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATION would really know something. Nobody & I mean nobody would of stood a chance. This is why FSU is stupid for dismissing Prime. But he’s their loss ✌🏾

  7. To be fair, hype is great and so is ratings. But I’m sure Deion would much rather have wins. I hope that next year the focus will be more on the field and the players. Not all the outside stuff. A mediocre team getting ratings isn’t want Deion truly wants.

  8. Hello Jon The Liquidator, I hope that all is well with you and your family. You're getting ready to fly to Boulder right? Thank You for sharing this video. You be on it Jon. Great Content As Usual. As Always Shake The Haters Off. Have A Safe Trip and Enjoy. Blessings To You.

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