The Price is Right – Switch

Can David guess the correct prices and win an amazing prize?

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THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Television’s longest-running game show, featuring host Drew Carey, where audience members try to win cash and prizes.


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21 thoughts on “The Price is Right – Switch

  1. Four games won, but no cars won today… Gridlock for the Rogue was definitely tricky, but talk about bad luck on Pocket Change, made just one too many mistakes with the envelopes picked! The best highlight was definitely the perfect playing of 1/2-Off with the $10,000 hidden in box #10, seems like too obvious of a choice LOL… Otherwise, 5-digit Squeeze Play and Switch were both easy, and Bullseye was lucky. Two good bids in the showcases, and this guy up here won with a difference of just $800+!

  2. Well, looking at how today's show went, there's a good side and a bad side, so let me get the good side out of the way with 4 games won, but the bad side is that the car games cost us a perfect show. However, we're still doing good in the pricing game department with 7 games won between today and yesterday. All-in-all, in the end, I just hope that the rest of this week, including tomorrow night's primetime special, literally goes a billion times better, so goodbye!

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