Why Intels 12 billion victory is good news for Google Apple Amazon and others

Why Intel’s ‘$1.2 billion victory’ is good news for Google, Apple, Amazon and others

Intel on Wednesday won its appeal against a 1.06-billion-euro ($ 1.2 billion) EU antitrust fine bied far to the U.S. chipmaker twelve years ago for suppressing a competitor, in a major problem for EU antitrust regulators.The European Commission punished Intel in 2009 for attempting to block rival Advanced Micro Devices by providing rebates to computer makers Dell, Hewlett-Packard Co, NEC and Lenovo for buying the majority of their chips from Intel.The Luxembourg-based General Court, Europes second-highest, criticised the EU competitors enforcers analysis and annulled the fine.” The (European) Commissions analysis is incomplete and does not make it possible to develop to the requisite legal standard that the refunds at issue were capable of having, or most likely to have, anticompetitive impacts,” judges said.The court annulled in its totality the article of the contested choice which imposed on Intel a fine of 1.06 billion euros in regard of the infringement found.The same court had in 2014 upheld the Commissions 2009 decision however was consequently told by the EU Court of Justice, Europes highest, in 2017 to re-examine Intels appeal.Regulators typically do not like refunds, particularly those provided by dominant companies, on concerns that they may be anti-competitive. Companies however say regulators should show refunds have anti-competitive results before approving them.The ruling, which is likely to offer cheer to Alphabet unit Google combating versus a trio of substantial EU antitrust fines, can be appealed to the CJEU.The case is T-286/ 09 P Intel Corporation v Commission.FacebookTwitterLinkedin
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