Trailer Watch: Laura Poitras Explores the Impact of Cyberweapons in “Terror Contagion”

” Surveillance is not just a breach of privacy, but it is violence– it does things to you,” were told in a new trailer for “Terror Contagion.” Referred to as “a visual study of the examination by Forensic Architecture into the Israeli cyberweapons maker NSO Group and using its Pegasus malware to target reporters and human rights protectors worldwide,” Laura Poitras most current is now available to view online.
The area for the short doc functions interviewees showing on being targeted. One character describes having their privacy being infringed on as being “like someones sitting in your mind.” Another exposes that they have nightmares about being interrogated.
Poitras won an Oscar for “Citizenfour,” her 2014 doc about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Her other credits consist of “Risk” and “The Oath.”

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