College Football Lunchbreak | Cover 3

Sign Up With Bud Elliott and 247Sportss Cooper Petagna as they talk college football on your lunchbreak!


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2 thoughts on “College Football Lunchbreak | Cover 3

  1. Everyone keeps pointing out that the schools can't have contracts with their non-employee "students" But aren't there contracts with the NIL people? Can't they structure NIL deals that are $1/year with a end-of-third year $500K bonus? Surely a friend of Jimbo could have a verbal, casual, independent conversation with a friend of JR Ewing of NIL Oil about what would be good features of an NIL contract? While schools have no chance of non-competes over non-employees, if I think my brand/reputation would be harmed if my brand spokesperson repped another school, couldn't the contract be structured so that has financial consequences?

  2. At LSU Brian K can sign any transfer he wants. At ND only 1 of 10 would qualify. At Texas A$M nil is more important than their OC or DC. The NFL is very interesting because the rules are uniform .

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