NBA takes away assist from Chris Paul, gives it to Phoenix Suns teammate Mikal Bridges in change that has sports betting implications

The NBA released a correction Tuesday after bettors mentioned an assist erroneously credited to Chris Paul in the Utah Jazz-Phoenix Suns video game earlier this week, the latest stat-keeping mistake to trigger controversy in the sports wagering community.Paul was credited with an assist on a Devin Booker basket in the very first quarter of Mondays video game. Video replays reveal Suns forward Mikal Bridges made the pass that led to Bookers driving bank shot and provided Phoenix a 9-4 lead.1 RelatedThe over/under on Bridges assists was 2.5 at most sportsbooks. He ended up with 5 assists in the official box score, so most bets on his help overall were not impacted. Lots of sportsbooks allow bettors to adjust totals on prop bets at alternate chances. Its comparable to buying points on a point spread. For example, on Monday, some gamblers moved Bridges help amount to 6 at around 14-1 odds– and eventually lost due to Paul being credited with the assist to Booker.After the correction, Bridges ended up with six assists, and Paul, who at first was credited with 14 assists, now has 13 in package rating on like BetMGM, an official sports betting partner of the NBA, normally settle bets based on the official box score released the day of the game. If the NBA changes a stat the next day, bets are not impacted.FanDuel weighed in later Tuesday after the correction was issued.” We have adjusted the online settlement on Bridges prop wagers at the FanDuel Sportsbook, so any possible winners will now be settled as winners,” a representative for the business informed ESPN in a statement.With sports betting quickly broadening in the U.S.– and leagues like the NBA partnering with bookies– there is more examination than ever on every rebound and every assist. As part of their deals with the NBA, sportsbooks receive official information from the league, which is used to grade wagers.

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