PM says he's seen 'no evidence' of MP 'blackmail'

When asked if he would battle a management challenge, Boris Johnson deflected concerns and picked rather to focus on “clearing COVID backlogs”.

He likewise went over rising stress between Russia and Ukraine, stating any type of attack by Russia would be a “catastrophe for Ukraine, for Russia and for the world”.

Speaking to press reporter Anushka Asthana from ITV on behalf of all broadcasters, the Prime Minister briefly addressed allegations of “blackmail” versus MPs, saying he had actually seen “no proof”.

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43 thoughts on “PM says he's seen 'no evidence' of MP 'blackmail'

  1. He never seems to see anything, hear anything, get told anything.
    He never seems to get any advice..
    Knows little to nothing about what's going on his workplace, his home and with his staff.

    The question begging is what on earth does he do???

  2. Nonsense about blackmail. Let the man carry on with his work. He doesn't want to resign n if Sue puts blame on him MP's can vote to remove him!

  3. 👆👆 Criminal Complaint Filing in Texas Supreme Court.

    Jack E. Boteler plus all residents of The USA


    Officers and directors of the HHS, FDA, NIH, NIAID, CDC, CMS, Dr Ralph Baric, Tedros Ghebreyesus (WHO), Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ted Turner, George Soros, Richard Rothschild, All directors and officers of Vaccine manufacturers, WEF officials, Bill and Melinda Gates, Officers of the World Bank and IMF, plus others (including media)

    Crimes Against Humanity, Use of Biological Weapons, Genocide, War Crimes, Homicide, Attempted Homicide, Criminal Assult, Fraud in Connection with Major Disaster or Emergency Benefits

    Summary: This Complaint alleges murder and crimes against humanity arising from a collection of facts, observations, expert opinions, media reports and eye-witness testimony. It will show that Defendants planned and executed, jointly and/or severely, the development and release of a bio warfare toxin, referred to herein as either “SARS-CoV-2” or “Covid 19” and/or as the ‘Spike Protein’ component with the dual objectives of: 1) global depopulation, and 2) population control leading to a one-world government by inducing panic, economic hardship, terror, death and injury to global populations.

    By employing psychological warfare mechanisms, including but not limited to media reports, public policy, coercion, deceit, mandates, bribes, travel restrictions, employment restrictions, free speech restrictions and liberty restrictions, this complaint will also show that Defendants seek to induce the global population into receiving a pre-planned experimental gene therapy commonly referred to as “Covid 19 Vaccines” in furtherance of their aforementioned objectives.

    The data, evidence, testimony, articles and interviews provided herein amount to a small fraction of demonstrable / evidentiary material, including but not necessarily limited to: effectiveness, side effects, drugs, hearings, false attributions, vaccine ingredients, lawsuits (past and pending), immunity, and liability.

  4. he's not said ONE thing about those issues! all he says n repeats ad nauseum is 'wait for sue grey' 'what im focused on is ..' and NEVER comes near to the topic of the question

  5. give it like 3 days and evidence of blackmail will be released and boris will be like "there were some mistakes made" "uhhhh and i uhh apologize"

  6. Dear Johnson, nobody's interested in your alleged devotion to public health
    — please answer the questions about your behaviour and your fitness for political office.

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