Why no 5G fears for air travellers in India

Why no 5G fears for air travellers in India

Proposed 5G services rolled out in India will be in spectrum bands that will have enough safeguards and will not interfere with civil aircraft altimeters, ITU APT foundation of India stated on Thursday. Numerous airline companies have actually cancelled their flight to the United States following 5G services roll-out in the nation alleging that 5G signals could disrupt key safety devices, altimeter, on which pilots rely for remove and altitude readings. “In India, there is no danger from 5G services to aircraft and we are completely secured as we are only assigning 3300-3670 MHz, which is more than 500 MHz below the altimeter spectrum. Thus the C band frequencies that are being auctioned for 5G in India are totally safe and there is no danger to the Civil Aviation Radar altimeters,” ITU-APT structure of India President Bharat Bhatia stated in a statement. ITU-APT structure of India is identified by UN body International Telecommunications Union and it deals with spectrum related problems. The aircraft all over the world use the frequency band 4200-4400 MHz for radio Altimeters and the 5G system being deployed in the US in frequency band of 3700-3,980 is close to this frequency band. “In India, the federal government is ruling out frequencies above 3.7 GHz for public 5G services at present, the frequency band in question in the USA where this prospective disturbance has actually been observed,” Bhatia said. At present, spectrum band allowance for 5G services is at a conversation stage. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has actually floated an assessment paper to take views of interested players for determining price and guidelines for spectrum allocation. The spectrum will be designated through auction after the federal government finalizes rate post evaluation of recommendation of Trai.FacebookTwitterLinkedin
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