Hilary Duff Finally Reveals Lizzie McGuire Reboot Plot That Was Too Hot For Disney

You might have presumed Hilary Duff had actually moved on from the concept of a Lizzie McGuire reboot, specifically considering shes doing discount for a totally various show, the sitcom spinoff How I Met Your Father. In her wide-ranging interview with Cosmopolitan this week, the previous kid star easily talks about the revival that in some way failed to ever fully materialize.
Disney canned the series after a number of months in advancement, including numerous full episodes being filmed– and up till now, Hilary had actually just meant why. Back when news broke that LGBT-centric YA show Love, Victor was moving from Disney+ to Hulu due to the fact that it wasnt “family-friendly” enough for the Mouse House, its potential star infamously quipped on social networks:
” sounds familiar …”.
We discovered later that she and fired showrunner Terri Minsky were on the very same page with what they wanted– and it seemed like it was simply too adult for Disney.
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What exactly was it that they had a problem with? What was too hot for Mickey? Hilary exposed to Cosmo:.
” My character was returning house with her parents because she captured her future fiancé unfaithful on her, and she was failing on her face at the minute and resembling, I need to pivot since everything that I believed was wasnt, and Im turning 30. What the f ** k?”.
Heck, sounds like the start of half the sweet rom coms on the Hallmark channe! Is the idea of infidelity actually too provocative for Disney? That occurs to plenty of young, virtuous Disney starlets, think us!
At the end of the day, that was the story that Hilary and Terri wished to tell– an everygirls tale of being dealt with unfairly by a man and having to choose yourself up by your bootstraps. Frankly, it sounds like something a LOT of girls (and not simply women) could connect to.
Is it really for sure dead? No possibility at it ever getting made?
” In my 34 years Ive recognized that everything does take place for a factor. It simply wasnt her moment. All it does is breathe life into the truth that people still desire it, and thats actually sweet.
Hey, maybe Disney just needs a couple more years to mature and get utilized to the concept.
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Thats it?!
Sounds like a fairly reasonable sensible for a showProgram Heck, sounds like the beginning of half the sweet rom coms on the Hallmark channe! Is the concept of infidelity truly too provocative for Disney? That takes place to plenty of young, virtuous Disney starlets, believe us!
All it does is breathe life into the reality that people still want it, and thats actually sweet.

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