At least 17 people dead after mining truck explodes in Ghana

At least 17 people dead after mining truck explodes in Ghana

At least 17 individuals were killed and 59 hurt Thursday in a destructive explosion in a western Ghana town after a truck carrying dynamites collided with a motorcycle, the government said.

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Provided on: 21/01/2022 – 04:31

The blast left a huge crater and decreased dozens of buildings to dust-covered piles of wood and metal in Apiate, near the city of Bogoso some 300 kilometres (180 miles) west of the mineral-rich West African countrys capital Accra.Footage showed residents hurrying towards a raving fire and increasing plumes of black smoke to examine the damage, while rescue employees waded through the debris for survivors captured in the destruction. ” A total of 17 individuals have unfortunately been verified dead, and 59 hurt people have actually been rescued,” Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah said in a statement launched overnight.The minister stated preliminary indications indicate “an accident including a truck transporting explosive products for a mining business, a bike and a third lorry” which happened near an electrical transformer.Out of 59 people hurt, 42 are receiving treatment in medical facilities or health centres and “some remain in crucial condition”, Nkrumah added.Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo called it a “genuinely unfortunate, tragic and regrettable occurrence”. The federal government said those in critical condition would be moved to health centers in Accra and authorities asked surrounding towns to open their schools and churches to accommodate any extra casualties.A group of police and army explosion specialists were deployed to “prevent a 2nd explosion” and put in place security steps after the blast, the government stated in a news release.( AFP).

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