"Travel Is Safe. Airplanes Are Safe." - Dr. Agus Offers Tips On Staying Safe During Holiday Travel

"Travel Is Safe. Airplanes Are Safe." – Dr. Agus Offers Tips On Staying Safe During Holiday Travel

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In the 3rd part of his interview with Stephen Colbert, CBS News medical factor Dr. David Agus offers us reasons to be enthusiastic about where the pandemic is headed and uses suggestions on how to travel safely this vacation season. #Colbert #DavidAgus #DrAgus

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30 thoughts on “"Travel Is Safe. Airplanes Are Safe." – Dr. Agus Offers Tips On Staying Safe During Holiday Travel

  1. Anti-gen tests are not great but they are better than nothing.
    A way to think about it is if you had 100 people in a room who all had COVID-19, a traditional PVR throat and nose test would pick up between 99 and 100 of the infected. Anti-gen would only detect about 85 of them.
    If you have no symptoms and want to visit your grandma, or send your kid to school, they are great. If you have symptoms you really need to get the old PVR test.

  2. Please don't only test yourself ONCE, 15 min before dinner. That's not what those test were designed for (lots of false negatives). If you have any cold or flu-like sympton, don't go. Test yourself for 2-3 days prior to the event. Do not travel last minute if you need to fly – this way you can isolate before dinner. If possible, isolate yourself for 1 week before you all meet and drive there yourself. Just do the shopping beforehand! You can have a safe gathering IF everyone is responsible.

  3. The home test kit was given to everyone in the UK about 4 months ago. Gps, schools, even grocery shops were giving them to everyone. We were testing our children at home and inputting the results to the school via an app. Hiw come this kit is new to the USA?

  4. I don’t believe being on a plane is safe regarding Covid at all. I’m stunned he said that!! Unless everyone on the plane is wearing n-95 masks, how could n e one be safe on a plane sitting with that many people soooooooo close to you. I think he’s too used to flying private or 1st class or something?!?!

  5. This news has given me hope. I support our scientists. Thank God this happened during an administration that also listens to and respects science as opposed to demeaning it.

  6. When he says that the number people getting the vaccine or booster dipped a little bit, but is now coming back up, is he taking into account that the people getting boosted already agreed to get the shot? And since the booster was only recently a thing, of course the total number of vaccines is going to go up – by about 25-30%, eventually, as it's the 3rd shot. Total number of vaccines is one thing, vaccine compliance is what will get us herd immunity.

  7. 1:52 i get that he's trained to come off as approachable when he's explaining this stuff, but it's kind of unseemly when he's smiling so much while talking about 20% survival rates on ventilators at the start of the pandemic. how about you just try to come across as a HUMAN geez

  8. They’ve been hyping the fear of the virus since day fucking 1 😂 look at the news headlines on every news station they act like Covid has a machine gun and is dropping people by the seconds

  9. New Dutch research has shown that antigen self testing is only accurate in detecting covid when you (already) HAVE symptoms. So self testing the whole family (WITHOUT symptoms) before Christmas dinner will not tell you anything.

  10. Wait if there is something that's effective for 12 months and you don't need to have a 'piece of the virus' injected in you (lazy way to explain vaccines) then why the F don't we have this available for everybody rather than a vaccine that requires a booster every other month?!?

    Oh and by the way: no vaccine will ever get rid of the virus COVID same way no vaccine ever got rid of the flu! Like the flu COVID will always have different variants and yes it might get as inoffensive as the flu in a few years but meanwhile I rather not take a shot regularly.

    So yeah give me the antibodies shot instead and F the vaccines 🙄

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