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The majority of brand-new infections were validated in the cities below.

On Wednesday, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has validated 1,296 brand-new coronavirus infections in the previous 24 hours in Finland. THL likewise verifies 11 brand-new deaths.

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207 in Helsinki, 107 in Vantaa, 95 in Espoo, 76 in Tampere, 75 in Oulu, 53 in Rovaniemi, 41 in Turku, 40 in Lahti, 26 in Seinäjoki, 22 in Nokia, 21 in Ylöjärvi, 19 in Alavus, 18 in Riihimäki, 17 in Kouvola, 17 in Mäntsälä, 16 in Kaarina, 15 in Jyväskylä, 15 in Hyvinkää, 14 in Kajaani, 13 in Kauhajoki, 12 in Kuopio, 12 in Kerava, 11 in Vaasa, 11 in Pori, 11 in Kangasala, 11 in Raahe, 9 in Nurmijärvi, 9 in Vihti, 9 in Laukaa, 8 in Hämeenlina, 8 in Lempäälä, 8 in Kempele, 8 in Ilmajoki, 7 in Lappeenranta, 7 in Porvoo, 7 in Kotka, 7 in Mikkeli, 7 in Pudasjärvi, 6 in Salo, 6 in Tuusula, 6 in Kuusamo, 6 in Tyrnävä, 5 in Lohja, 5 in Liminka, 5 in Hollola, 5 in Orimattila, 5 in Kauniainen, 5 in Huittinen, 5 in Inari.

Presently, 309 individuals are being dealt with in the healthcare facility for signs caused by the coronavirus. Thats 32 more clients than on Tuesday. Of the patients being dealt with in healthcare facility, 60 are in intensive care. The number has actually grown by 9 people.

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Presently, 309 individuals are being dealt with in the hospital for symptoms caused by the coronavirus. Of the clients being dealt with in hospital, 60 are in extensive care. The number has grown by nine people.

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