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I dare not return,” she said.
Some were raped and later on killed,” she said, adding that physicians and nurses verified the attacks.
He put the weapon beside my child and when I said I would shriek, he said he would kill me if I did so.”.
” I saw one of the soldiers connected up in front of my uncles house,” stated the female, who is now in India receiving medical treatment. According to our culture and custom-mades, such cases are unacceptable,” he stated.

Cases of rape reported by the femaless group because the Feb. 1 coup include the sexual attack of an activist by military and police at a Yangon interrogation center; the rape and murder of a lady in Momauk, Kachin state; 2 rape cases in Kutkai, Shan state; 4 rape cases in Sagaing area; and two rape cases in Chin state, one of which involved the pregnant Chin female in Aklui village.
Their ages vary in between 14 and 62.
RFA has individually confirmed 4 claims of sexual attacks by the military..
The WLB stated it is challenging to recognize rape cases due to security breaches in municipalities where the junta troops are carrying out operations and internet service is blocked.
Junta spokesperson Maj. Gen. Zaw Min Tun said the rape accusations would be investigated, but did elaborate which cases.
Village guys killed.
In among the cases, a 17-year-old woman who was apprehended in connection with an April bombing in Yankin town in Yangon was supposedly sexually attacked by a law enforcement officer at a cops station.
A Sagaing resident, who spoke with RFA on condition of privacy out of worry of retribution, stated she has actually assisted the victims.
” People were leaving from the villages during the battling. Some of the females could not leave in time and were raped. Some were raped and later killed,” she said, including that medical professionals and nurses confirmed the attacks.
Soldiers killed the majority of the men in the towns they captured, she added.
A female from Nwe Lan town in Momauk township in Kachin state was stabbed to death after being raped, locals stated. The armed force has excused the killing of the 55-year-old and said it was conducting an investigation, according to a household member who spoke on condition of privacy due to security issues.
” They had contacted the victims family and said sorry. They stated they were sorry which an investigation has actually been going on,” the relative stated.
Three soldiers likewise raped a 27-year-old lady who has a newborn in Chin states Aklui town on the very same night that the pregnant female was sexually attacked.
The soldiers took the couples two mobile phones when they came to her house around 11:30 p.m.. They requested for cash and required the spouse explain his connections to the local Peoples Defense Force (PDF), a pro-democracy civilian militia. The guy said he did not understand what the PDF was and that he was a farmer.

The pregnant woman said that while the soldiers did disappear that night, at around 3 a.m., they returned. They pushed the husband into a room and raped the female again.
” One of them bit my vagina,” she told RFA. “He put tooth paste and saliva there, and it was abuse. And then they left.”
Hallmark of army operations
The lady stated she trembled as if she “was having malaria” as the couple prayed together for the dawn to come quickly.
The couple crossed the border and went into India for medical treatment. A health care employee who analyzed the lady said her baby was unimpaired, though the ladys vaginal area was swollen and she had difficulty urinating.
The couple informed RFA that they prepare to stay in India.
, and the scenario is not good, I will not return. I attempt not return,” she said.
Brutality towards civilians and rape are seen by the United Nations and human rights groups as trademarks of Myanmar military operations in decades-long civil conflicts in restive areas lived in by ethnic minorities. In western Myanmars Rakhine state, mass rape was used to drive the Muslim minority Rohingya out of the nation in 2017.
” Rape and sexual violence have actually been a especially outright and persistent feature of the targeting of the civilian population in Rakhine, Kachin and Shan States because 2011,” said a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council by the independent global fact-finding mission on Myanmar.
” Rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, forced nudity, sexual embarrassment, mutilation and sexual assault are frequently followed by the killing of victims,” said the 2018 report, provided by a group released in reaction the mass expulsion of Rohingya.
” The scale, cruelty and organized nature of these infractions indicate that rape and sexual violence become part of a deliberate technique to frighten, terrify or punish a civilian population, and are used as a method of war,” the fact-finding objective stated.
The Tatmadaw, as the armed force is known inside the country it has ruled for five of the nations 7 decades considering that independence from Britain, has largely shielded its soldiers from prosecution for criminal activities, consisting of sexual attacks, devoted throughout military operations.



I am horrified of seeing soldiers.
The soldiers forced him to lay on the flooring with his face down and turned off the light. If she didnt offer them cash, they threatened to kill the women as she held her infant daughter. Then they raped her.
” I was taken into the room and asked to put the child down. Then one person raped me while the child was crying by the side, and he informed me to be peaceful. He put the gun next to my kid and when I said I would yell, he stated he would eliminate me if I did so.”.
The soldiers left and then returned at around 4 a.m. They required that the husband take them to a liquor shop on his motorbike and told him to get up the owner.
In the morning, the woman told her uncle and a military captain sticking with him what the soldiers had done. She returned house to select mustard leaves in her garden, and later reported the attack to the PDF.
2 days after the attack, the womans uncle stated the army captain had gotten back the products taken from her house and apprehended the three soldiers.
” I saw among the soldiers connected up in front of my uncles house,” said the female, who is now in India receiving medical treatment. “One pertained to me and apologized. I am horrified of seeing soldiers, and I wont be able to return home until the circumstance enhances. I will not go back home as long as the soldiers are there.
In another case in which a 62-year-old female was raped by soldier on Nov. 7 in Pachit town in northern Shan state, the military apologized for the assault and started an investigation, said aid employees.
” At the age of 62, she was breached like this,” said Roi Saing, vice chairwoman of the Kachin Literature and Culture Group in Shan state. “These soldiers have no God, no religion. Thats why we desire effective action taken and justice to be done. If these crimes are not taken seriously, there can not be any security for any woman despite her age.”.
The military will penalize the criminals of the assaults under both civilian and military law, stated junta representative Zaw Min Tun.
” We are a Buddhist nation. According to our culture and custom-mades, such cases are undesirable,” he stated. “We will bring out investigations and let you know the results.”.
Reported by RFAs Myanmar Service. Equated by Khin Maung Nyane. Composed in English by Roseanne Gerin.
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Editors note: This report consists of troubling and graphic accounts of sexual violence.
A Myanmar soldier pointed a dagger at her throat and required she turn over her earrings and mobile phone. The lady said her nightmare genuinely started.
A second soldier who had entered the home during a raid in the town of Aklui in Chin state on Nov. 11 attempted to take down her trousers, threatening to eliminate her when she resisted. He then forced the lady, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, into a restroom and raped her.
” The very first one informed my hubby to rest on the flooring and kicked his head,” said the female. “When the very first male completed with me, the other soldier was available in to rape me.”
Prior to the soldiers from Myanmars 22 nd Light Infantry Division left, they kicked the husbands head once again with their heavy boots, bloodying his nose and mouth.
” Then they stated, Are you pleased? Pleased? I was so terrified and just said yes. They went away.”
Girls and women, particularly from ethnic minority regions, are progressively victims of sexual attack by soldiers, as the Myanmar military and police continue to terrorize civilians 10 months after taking power in a coup.
Soldiers are responsible for at least 9 reported rapes and one sexual assault in Sagaing and Yangon areas and in Kachin, Chin, and Shan states given that the Feb. 1 power grab, according to the Womens League of Burma (WLB).
The community-based company that advocates for the rights of women has 13 branches throughout the country that collect information on sexual violence and rape committed by the armed force.
” After the coup, there has actually been a considerable boost in the variety of such cases,” said a WLB. “They were committing such abuses not just in remote towns but likewise in city areas, and even in broad daytime.”
” In the past, we would hear these criminal activities happening mainly in ethnic areas where there was battling, such as in the eastern parts where combating was taking location with Palaung [Taang] or Shan forces, but recently we are hearing about more rape cases by soldiers,” she said, requesting anonymity for security reasons.

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