Zeyn 2.0 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Zeyn 2.0 is designed to include more power and flexibility to your WordPress theme without any technical troubles. Zeyn is a premium WordPress theme with incredible versatility and performance and can be used for numerous functions starting from personal blog sites all method to complicated websites.

3 Mar 2021 – – Ver


2.0.3. [UPGRADED] Compatibility with WordPress 5.6.x. [UPDATED]
Nextend Smart Slider 3.0 Pro Plugin.

19 Nov 2020 – Ver 2.0.2. Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.x. Nextend Smart Slider 3.0 Pro Plugin.
[UPGRADED] Zeyn Addon 1.0.1 Plugin.

WooCommerce – 3.x compatibility concern. 28 Oct
2016 – Ver 1.2.5. Bug fix: Reduce CPU load on Safari.

[UPGRADED] Vast Demo Import 5.0.0 Plugin.
24 Jun 2020 – Ver 2.0.1. Large Demo Import 4.0.4 Plugin. 17 Jun 2020 – Ver 2.0.0.
– [New] Design template style.- [
New] One click paperwork.
– [New] One click assistance.

Premium plugins. 14 Jun 2017 – Ver 1.2.6.
WPBakery Visual Composer 5.1.1. Slider Revolution 5.4.1. REPAIRED]

1 Jul 2016 – – Ver

1.2.4. -Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.0.

28 Apr 2016 – – Ver

1.2.3. Update: Visual Composer

11 Apr 2016 – – Ver

1.2.2. -Update: Visual Composer 4.11.
– WordPress 4.5 suitable.

15 Mar 2016 – – Ver

1.2.1. Updated: WooCommerce 2.5.2 Compatibility.

04 Jan 2016 – – Ver
1.2.- New: One-click demo installer added.
– Fixed: Mobile menu concern on 991px screen width.
– Updated: Revolution Slider is upgraded to variation 5.
– Updated: Visual composer is upgraded to 4.8.
– Fixed: anchor link in between pages does not scroll appropriately.

08 Oct 2015 – – Ver

1.1.5. Updated: Visual Composer 4.7.4.
Updated: Visual Composer Add On is upgraded to 1.0.9.
New: Youtube/Vimeo video background.
New: Option to turn of meta-property og.
New: DT Google Map options to disable dragging in mobile.
Repaired: Optin type is obstructed in mobile.
Fixed: Function resize() error in custom_functions. php.
Repaired: screen video on portfolio description.
Fixed: Conflict in background image under Page attribute and Theme Options.
Fixed: widget twitter slider (owl carousel ).
Fixed: DT Icon shrocode panel (icon picker ).
Fixed: DT Vertical tab (icon position ).
Repaired: DT Portfolio isotope filter under DT portfolio cateogry reveals only one item.
Repaired: Anchor concern in IE.
Fixed: IE9 does not pack couple of css stylesheets.
Repaired: IOS9 mobile navigation issue.

30 April 2015 – – Ver

1.1.4. Fixed: Visual Composer portfolio image resizes improperly.
Fixed: Child Theme stylesheet order.
Updated: XSS vulrnerability concern.
Changed: Section Heading is now an H2 tag.
Updated: WP 4.2.1.
Updated: WooCommerce Theme 2.3.8.
Upgraded: Visual Composer 4.4.4.
Updated: Revolution Slider 4.6.9.

12 Mar 2015 – – Ver

1.1.3. New: Language translation can be done in kid style.
Updated: Supports WooCommerce 2.3.5.
Included: School Revolution slider.
Included: Disable scrollspy animation under 991px Related portfolio problem.
Fixed: Mega menu Google Map hovering problem.
Repaired: Reset area does not operate in Theme Options.
Fixed: Featured image at associated portfolio (remote image host ).
Fixed: lost theme design (color, font) after theme update.
Fixed: Can not set blank favicon.

31 Jan 2015 – – Ver

1.1.2. Fixed: Video Background displays incorrectly in Default page design template.
Repaired: Shop banner image conflicts with page banner.

23 Dec 2014 – – Ver

1.1.1. Updated: Zeyn now supports WP 4.1.
Repaired: Background image in page setting does not work when theme choice background image is set.
Fixed: paragraph is not rendered in Portfolio Project Description.
Fixed: Visual Composer Single Image Module is not clickable.
Fixed: Disable post comment still displays remark icon and counter.
Improved: webm video format is required for video backgound for broader web browser support.

28 Nov 2014 – – Ver

1.1.0. New: Classic Demo Page.
New: Zeyn now supports video Background.
New: Banner darken overlay.
New: Custom Portfolio Slug.
New: Dedicated page banner image field.
Improved: Page Attribute settings are now available in portfolio type post.
Improved: Page Attribute Image Uploader.
Updated: Visual Composer 4.3.4.
Updated: DT Countdown Timer Is now translateable.
Upgraded: Woocommerce 2.2.8 Theme Support.
Upgraded: Detheme VC Addon is now suitable with Visual Composer 4.3.4.
Fixed: Paging for Category & & Archive pages.
Repaired: Visual Composer Tab unclickable.
Repaired: VC Image Carousel crashes.
Repaired: Saving Theme Option does not reflect in frontpage.
Fixed: Sticky Menu issue on fullwidth page when page has no slider and no banner.

8 Nov 2014 – – Ver

1.0.6. New: Custom Gallery modal effect.
New: Zeyn supports WP multi website install.
New: Image Background Image Options.
Enhanced: Purchase code is not a mandatory for Theme Option.
Enhanced: Disable Gallery when jetpack installed.
Improved: Unload default Google Font when it is not set.
Repaired: DT shortcode Icon dissapear.
Repaired: Facebook sharing mistake.
Repaired: Visual Composer Tab clicking problem.

17 Oct 2014 – – Ver

1.0.5. New: Creative demo page.
New: Design Options tab in Iconbox Visual Composer.
Addon Updated: XML landing revslider with triangle particles.
Repaired: Blank boxed background color when shut off Page Title.
Repaired: Banner being shown at homepage.
Fixed: Visual Composer Call To Action 2 button link does not work.
Repaired: Failure installation on wp 3.6.

15 Oct 2014 – – Ver

1.0.4. Fixed: URL link does not operate in Call to Action button module.
Fixed: Customstyle loads in WP-login page.
Repaired: Vertical Menu Layout irresponsive.
Repaired: Mega menu imports its setting incorrectly.
Improved: More consistent navigation design.
Enhanced: Visual Composer inquiry loads.
Enhanced: Text Widget now renders shortcode.
Improved: Twitter Widget wont load on some websites.

8 Oct 2014 – – Ver

1.0.3. Fixed: Inconsistent navigation design.
Repaired: Mobile navigation with long material is not scrollable.
Added: worldwide background color & & text color specification.
Added: Mobile Logo position parameter.

4 Oct 2014 – – Ver

1.0.2. Updated: DT Megamenu plugin variation 1.0.2.
Updated: detheme_vc_addon variation 1.0.2.
Upgraded: Documentation Demo Content.
Included: Shop Slider.
Added: vc_template.
New: Child Theme.

1 Oct 2014 – – Ver

1.0.1. Upgraded: Slider Revolution 4.6 with Demo File, XML demonstration page.
Repaired: Preloader on clicking Load More button in portfolio page.
Improved: Scroll to anchor animation separated to row aspect.

30 Sept 2014 – – Ver 1.0.0.

Initial Release.

UPGRADED] 17 Jun 2020 – Ver 2.0.0. REPAIRED]
28 Oct
2016 – Ver 1.2.5. Bug fix: Reduce CPU load on Safari.

This style is certified under 100% GPL.

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