Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan Share a Two-Timing Ex: Who is Peter Cornell?

. Obviously, numerous years earlier, Peter was dating both Christine and Emma.
. According to Christine, he proposed to her months before he proposed to Emma.
. Neither lady learnt about the other up until they one day came face-to-face while Emma was out with Peter.

. . .
Why?. . Because he was dating them both at teh same time.

. At that point, Christine should have merely presumed that Peter was (apparently) unfaithful on her.
. It was just Emmas mad reply that he was her sweetheart that helped them both realize what had actually occurred.
. That sounds more awkward than we can picture.

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. There were a lot of injured feelings included.
. While neither female was at fault, its not a surprise that there was drama.
You dont typically score an effective reality television function if youre a master of dealing with circumstances like a mature adult.


. That was also how the 2 ladies met.
. Obviously, Emma and Peter were leaving the fitness center when Christine appeared, having found them.
. Or, as she put it, she” captured “them” red-handed.

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