‘Everything changed’: Wife separated from husband in KL when the borders closed shares her heartache

But it was just when the lockdown happened in both nations, which stopped visitors from crossing the borders, that we felt the impacts of the pandemic..

I told Seik Yeu that he just required to get to Singapore, although I didnt understand when he would be able to return to KL. During that time, flights had currently stopped however the land border was still open..

We continued to meet every weekend from September 2017 to March 2020. Even when COVID-19 began in January last year, we were able to keep to our arrangement..

We had a running joke that we were not wed.

It was an extraordinary time and there was very little information to help us make a choice.

Everything changed.

When then Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin revealed on Mar 16 that the Movement Control Order (MCO) remained in location, my hubby and I had just one day to decide whether among us need to review..


We worried so much that my spouse drove into Singapore from KL, barely making it before the 12am cutoff on Mar 17 at the Causeway..

Since I relied greatly on my hubby to help in our collaboration, it was difficult for me. Over the weekends we spent together, he would cook, do meal preparations and assist with the tasks.

But it assisted that we had the “having kids” discussions every so often, having a general concept that we desire to, perhaps, have one child. We also spoke about adopting, so the fact that we were in sync with these issues made the discussions easier and enjoyable.

Fortunately, extremely couple of people asked us when we were going to have kids. They understood about our circumstance, so we didnt get that pressure.

The plan was to meet every weekend: He would come here for three weekends, and I would fly back to KL on the last weekend of every month..

He remained in Singapore for a month and a half, although he was really distressed throughout the journey because he needed to leave his service ignored throughout this time..
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