Omicron COVID-19 variant cases; travel restrictions; vaccines: updates

Within days of its discovery, fears over the omicron COVID-19 version have actually spread out around the world, sending out stocks toppling, triggering travel constraints and drawing international attention to an uptick in cases in South Africa.The response is taking place weeks much faster than the worlds sluggish action to the delta version. By the time delta was named a “version of concern” by the World Health Organization in May 2021, it had actually already spread in India for months and had actually been seeded across the globe.In contrast, omicron was initially reported to the WHO on Tuesday as COVID cases in South Africa have actually unexpectedly spiked to thousands each day. By Friday, it had actually been called and labeled a “variation of issue,” the most severe type.Even with the quick reaction, cases have been reported in tourists in Belgium, Israel, Hong Kong and England, and Germany also has a possible case.Experts have praised the WHO for moving rapidly to sound the alarm on omicron, and South Africa for its fast, transparent reporting on the variant.That will start research studies over the next couple of weeks into its contagiousness, virulence, and “immune escape,” which is its capability to resist an immune action from previous infections or from vaccines, emergency situation doctor and public health teacher at George Washington University Dr. Leana Wen stated.” The level of alarm at this moment is completely proper,” Wen told USA TODAY. ” I would much rather that we act and then find out that, actually this variant does respond extremely well to the vaccines that we have.” Early information is troubling, but incomplete, experts say.The outbreak of the omicron version in South Africa, where researchers initially raised alarms about the versions spread, resembled a “vertical line,” according to Dr. Eric Topol, vice president for research study at Scripps Research in La Jolla, California.” We havent seen anything like that,” he told USA TODAY. “The line of slope is much higher than the preliminary delta line.” Topol said the number of concerning anomalies to the infection may make it more contagious than previous variations, and that it is likely to have actually progressed in an immunocompromised person.Also in the news: ► The CDC this week dropped its percentage of vaccinated adults in Pennsylvania by nearly 5 percentage points, to 68.9% from 73.7%, in what apparently was a data correction to weed out duplicates. ► The World Trade Organization is postponing its conference of government ministers set to open Tuesday after Switzerland started new travel restrictions following the development of omicron. ► Stocks sank Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly falling more than 1,000 points, as investors responded to news of omicron. Todays numbers: The U.S. has actually taped more than 48.1 million validated COVID-19 cases and more than 776,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Worldwide totals: More than 260.5 million cases and more than 5.1 million deaths. More than 196.1 millionAmericans — roughly 59% of the population — are completely immunized, according to the CDC.Keep refreshing this page for the current news. Want more? Sign up for USA TODAYs Coronavirus Watch free newsletter to receive updates directly to your inbox and join our Facebook group. With recognition of omicron, are more travel restrictions ahead?Just when things were searching for airlines and the rest of the travel market, another COVID-19 variant has emerged. Early reports of the omicron variation quickly sparked constraints on travel.The United States, which lifted a pandemic-long travel ban from dozens of global countries consisting of South Africa on Nov. 8, on Monday will reinstitute the restriction for foreign nationals from eight African countries. ” Were going to be mindful, make certain there is no travel to and from South Africa and 6 other countries because region. Other than for American citizens who have the ability to come back,” President Joe Biden stated Friday.Read more about what travelers require to understand about the brand-new restrictions and the potential effect on travel in the months ahead if the omicron alternative spreads quickly throughout the world.– Dawn Gilbertson, USA TODAYOmicrons impact on vaccines uncertain, but contingency strategies currently rolling outHealth professionals have said it will likely be weeks prior to the world has good information about how omicron might lower the efficiency of current vaccines, but Moderna has already announced a three-point method to combat the brand-new variant.Omicrons anomalies might potentially minimize present vaccines efficiency, but are not likely to eliminate their benefit, according to Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of Brown Universitys School of Public Health.” There are a series of mutations in essential regions that may impact efficiency of our vaccines,” tweeted Jha on Friday. ” Render vaccines worthless? No. Super unlikely.” Modernas technique involves three choices for enhancing COVID-19 vaccination, should omicron prove problematic for current vaccines.The three choices, according to a Friday release from the business: A higher dosage booster, shots presently being studied that are created to “expect anomalies such as those that have emerged in the Omicron variant” and an omicron-specific booster– which is already in the works.Andy Slavitt, who formerly acted as President Joe Bidens White House senior advisor for COVID reaction, said in a tweet that both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech have actually estimated a vaccine to combat a new variant might be developed in about 3 months, with some regulatory and logistical hurtles to follow.” If we begin in early December, new vaccines might be available by summer in much of the world,” Slavitt tweeted.Multiple media organizations on Friday reported Pfizer-BioNTech is studying the brand-new variant and expects data within weeks. If required, a targeted vaccine might be established within 6 weeks and ship within 100 days, the reports say.Johnson & & Johnson is likewise testing its existing vaccine versus omicron, according to CNBC.– Joel Shannon, USA TODAYContributing: The Associated Press
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” We havent seen anything like that,” he told USA TODAY. ► The World Trade Organization is delaying its conference of government ministers set to open Tuesday after Switzerland started brand-new travel restrictions following the development of omicron. ► Stocks sank Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly falling more than 1,000 points, as financiers reacted to news of omicron.” Were going to be cautious, make sure there is no travel to and from South Africa and six other countries in that area.” Render vaccines useless?

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