Eventica – Event Calendar & Ecommerce WordPress Theme

We have 3 demos that you can check out utilizing extra extensions and basic features.



About Eventica.

DEMO # 01: Standard The Events Calendar + WooCommerce.

Introduce Eventica + The Events Calendar Demo.

WordPress 5.5+ (self-hosted).
The Events Calendar 3.9+.
WooCommerce 4.5+, optional, if you wish to offer occasion ticket with WooCommerce or add online shop performance to your site.

Eventica is Event Calendar and eCommerce WordPress Theme. Ready to use for occasions noting and online shop. You can also sell your event ticket using WooCommerce!

This demo is for everyone who want to develop an events calendar site plus additional store function. Because it will be produced automagically, you can likewise SELL occasion ticket utilizing WooCommerce without creating different item. On v1.4 upgrade, we also introduce frontend submission to allow visitor to submit their event.

When you purchase this theme without any extra purchase, DEMO # 01 is WHAT YOU GET!

Release Eventica + The Events Calendar PRO Demo.

This demo is for everyone who wish to use The Event Calendar Pro plugin. This is a premium plugin that require to be acquired independently here.

Some additional features that you can get using The Event Calendar Pro are: Recurring Events, Week View, Photo View, Map View, Location Search, Advanced Widgets, and Additional Fields.

Eventica Theme Video Tutorials.


DEMONSTRATION # 02: The Events Calendar Pro.

This demo is for everyone who wish to offer multi-tickets per occasion using WooCommerce (advanced ticketing option, compared to Demo # 1). This is a premium plugin that require to be acquired individually here.

Introduce Eventica + WooCommerce Tickets Demo.

DEMONSTRATION # 03: WooCommerce Tickets.

00 – – Eventica – Import Dummy Content( Duplicate Our Demo).
02 – Eventica – Create Homepage Using Home Page Template. 03 – Eventica – Create Homepage Using WPBakery
Page Builder.
06 – – Eventica – Setup Menus. 07 – – Eventica – Setup Widgets. – 08 – Eventica – Theme Options. 09 – Eventica
– Add/Edit An Event. 10 – Eventica – Event Gallery. 11 – Eventica – Event Venue and Organizer. 12 – Eventica – Event Call To Action and Sell Ticket. 13 – Eventica – Events View. 14 – Eventica – The Events
Calendar Pro Overview. 15 – Eventica – WooTickets – Plugin Overview. 16 – – Eventica – WordPress – Customizer.
17 – Eventica – Translation/Localization. 18 – Eventica – Frontend Submission.

Update Your WordPress Theme Using Plugin Easy Themes and Plugin Upgrades. Standard WordPress Video Tutorials (included in theme
paperwork). How to Buy a Domain Name.
How to Buy a Web Hosting Account.
How to Connect your Domain to a Web Hosting Account. Automatic WordPress Install utilizing Cpanel, Softaculous VS Fantastico. Setting Up WordPress Automatically Using cPanel (Fantastico).
Setting Up WordPress Automatically Using cPanel (Softaculous).
Setting Up WordPress Manually by means of FTP.
Get a New WordPress Blog Ready.
How to Change Permalinks Structure.
How to Create New Posts in WordPress.
How to Create New Pages in WordPress.
How to Install Themes.
How to Install Plugins.
Control How Visitors Comment.
Comprehending Different User Permissions.
Usage WordPress Widgets Effectively.
Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them.

WooCommerce Video Tutorials.

01 – – What is WooCommerce? 02 – How To Install WooCommerce WordPress Plugin?
03 – – How To Import WooCommerce Dummy Data?
04 – – How To Get Better Product URL With Custom Permalink?
05 – – How To Use Shop Page For Homepage? – 06 – How To Display Product Categories On Shop Page?
07 – – How To Change Shop Currency?
08 – – How To Add A Simple Product?
09 – – How To Sell A Service Product?
10 – – How To Sell A Digital Product?
11 – – How To Sell An Affiliate Product?
12 – – How To Use Product Attributes?
13 – – How To Add A Variable Product With Variations?
14 – – How To Change Product Images Size?
15 – – What Are Up Sells and Cross Sells? – 16 – How To Create A Coupon Code?
17 – – How To Add & Terms & Conditions At Checkout Page?
18 – – How To Enable Registration On “My Account” Page?
19 – – What is System Status page?


This theme is uncomplicated, no bloated options!

Download plugin (Free).
Occasion List, click here for demonstration.
Occasion Calendar, click here for demo.
Single Event Page (with link to external site), click here for demonstration.
Single Event Page (with Buy Ticket button using WooCommerce), click on this link for demonstration.

The Events Calendar plugin compatible.

WooCommerce plugin suitable.

Download plugin (Free).
Store Page, click here for demo.
Single Product Page, click on this link for demonstration.

3 Page Templates.

White Label Theme Options.
Child Theme Ready.
Customized Header.
WordPress-standard Theme Auto Update.
… and all standard WordPress functions …….

Translation Ready

Homepage Page Template, click here for demo.
Contact Page Template, click here for demonstration.
Fullwidth Page Template.

. po/. mo file is offered.
Codestyling Localization plugin suitable.



Alternatives Framework.
BootStrap Grid.
Font Awesome.

The Eventica style and WooCommerce plugin are fully compatible with WPML. However, sadly, The Events Calendar plugin is still partially compatible with WPML. We have called The Events Calendar plugin developer and it is currently on their 2015 roadmap to make it totally compatible with WPML.

Images are not consisted of in theme download package.



1.17.10 – – 3 Mei 2021.

updated: WPBakery Page Builder Plugin v6.6.0.

1.17.9 – – 8 Ocktober 2020.

updated: WPBakery Page Builder Plugin v6.4.1.

1.17.8 – – 28 August
2019. added: Readmore link on Featured Event area.
included: Pre-defined design template for WPBakery Page Builder.
updated: WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.5.
repaired: Responsive on calendar view.
repaired: WooCommerce return store button positioning if empty cart.
repaired: Compatibility with PRO Additional Fields.
fixed: Single event page Layout on occasion schedule area.
enhancement: white space.

1.17.7 – – 18 April

2019. added: Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.6.1.

1.17.6 – – 02 April 2019. repaired: Responsive Header Logo.
upgraded: WPBakery Page Builder Plugin v5.7.
upgraded: dummy contents.

1.17.5 – – 21 January

2019. improved: Event Tickets – – Attendee Registration page.
repaired: Event Tickets – – quantity hover display screen bug.
enhanced: Back To Top show earlier than in the past.
improved: Google Fonts – – do not pack default Google Font if not required.

1.17.4 – – 27 December

2018. included: Classic editor plugin in the plugin recommendation.

1.17.3 – – 7 December

2018. updated: WPBakery Page Builder( Visual Composer) v5.6, suitable with WordPress 5.0.

1.17.2 – – 21 November

2018. included: Off Canvas Menu – close (X) icon.
repaired: Off Canvas Menu – – screen problem due to the fact that wrong width estimation. updated: WPBakery Page Builder Plugin v5.5.5.

1.17.0 – – 7 September

2018. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – include e-mail notice.
added: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – include e-mail address choice for email notification. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – add e-mail subject alternative for e-mail alert.
included: Visual Composer – – Eventica Event Sliders – alternative to include/exclude occasions from event categories/tags.
included: Visual Composer – – Eventica Upcoming Events – choice to include/exclude events from event categories/tags.
included: Visual Composer – – Eventica Past Events – option to include/exclude events from occasion categories/tags.
added: Visual Composer – – Eventica Recent – Posts – choice to include/exclude posts from post categories/tags.
added: Visual Composer – – Eventica Featured Events – use choose choice if total occasions < 50 for much better performance. included: Optimizations – – option to disable generator meta tag. included: Optimizations – alternative to disable WordPress emoji script. added: Optimizations – – option to disable WordPress responsive images srcset. added: Optimizations – – choice to disable child themes style.css. added: Optimizations – – option to disable Jetpack JS&& CSS. included: Optimizations – choice to load custom WooCommerce smallscreen css to fix W3TotalCache minify issue. included: Contact Page Template – – option to disable contact type. added: Contact Page Template – – alternative to alter contact kind title. added: Contact Page Template – – option to disable send out copy checkbox. included: Contact Page Template – – alternative to change button text. added: Contact Page Template – choice to change email address. added: Contact Page Template – – option to change email topic. – – 1 August 2018. included: Contact Template – Google Maps – incorrect variable for API secret. 1.16.0 – – 31 Juli 2018. repaired: some minor styling issues, including IE & & Edge problems in some users. repaired: minor CSS validation concerns. added: Homepage Template – – Featured – Events – alternative to reveal complete material or excerpt only. included: Contact Template – Google Maps – option to utilize Embed Map using Address without API secret. added: Contact Template – – Google Maps – alternative to utilize Embed Map utilizing Iframe without API key. included: Contact Template – – Google Maps – alternative to alter map zoom( 1-20). added: Contact Template – – Google Maps – option to alter map height (px). added: TheEventsCalendar – compatible with the current version v4.6.x. updated: TheEventsCalendar – – Google Maps – use simple embed map if no Google Map API essential provided. upgraded: TheEventsCalendar – – Calendar View – show navigation links above the calendar in Month View. added: TheEventsCalendar – – Single Event – option to change variety of associated events on single occasion page. included: TheEventsCalendar – Single Venue – alternative to disable page title on single venue page. included: TheEventsCalendar – Single Venue – alternative to disable sidebar on single venue page. included: TheEventsCalendar – Single Venue – alternative to disable upcoming events on single location page. added: TheEventsCalendar – Single Organizer – option to disable page title on single organizer page. added: TheEventsCalendar – – Single Organizer – alternative to disable sidebar on single organizer page. added: TheEventsCalendar – – Single Organizer – alternative to disable upcoming occasions on single organizer page. repaired: TheEventsCalendar – – Widgets – included event styling concern. included: WooCommerce – – suitable with the current version v3.4.x. added: Visual Composer – – Eventica Featured Events – option to reveal full material or excerpt only. added: Visual Composer – – Eventica Recent – Posts – alternative to show pagination. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – available on Visual Composer component. added: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – shortcode param thankyou for custom thankyou message. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – shortcode param event_category= no to hide event category field. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – shortcode param event_venue= no to hide event location field. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – shortcode param event_venue= choose to reveal occasion location in dropdown select. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – shortcode param event_organizer= no to hide occasion organizer field. included: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – shortcode param event_organizer= select to reveal occasion organizer in dropdown select. updated: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – use correct TEC date picker format. upgraded: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – prevent duplicated submission. updated: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – include submitter name&& email for logged-in user. updated: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – show login kind when shortcode param login_only= yes. upgraded: TEC FrontEnd Submission – – styling. added: EventsCalendarPro – suitable with the most recent variation v4.4.x. updated: EventsCalendarPro – – option to reveal recurring occasion info on list view of occasions brochure page and event slider (disabled by default). included: TEC Community Events – – compatible with the most recent variation v4.5.x. added: TEC Community Events – – styling community events list page. added: TEC Community Events – styling add/edit community occasions page. added: TEC Filter Bar – – compatible with the most recent variation v4.5.x. included: Event Tickets – – compatible with the most current version v4.7.x. included: Event Tickets Plus – – compatible with the most current variation v4.7.x. 1.15.1 – – March 21 2018. updated: WPBakery Page Builder v5.4.7. 1.15.0 – – February 23 2018. added: plugin combination section, final preparation to support other Events plugin on the next v2.0. upgraded: Typography – – base typeface 14px, increase readibility. added: OffCanvas Menu – – choice to alter offcanvas menu position (left/right). included: Blog Page – – option to disable sidebar on blog site page . included: Single Post – – choice to disable sidebar on single post . added: Single Post – – choice to disable featured image on single post . included: Single Post – – alternative to alter post meta position( side/bottom) on single post. included: WooCommerce – – compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.3. fixed: WooCommerce – – customizer live sneak peek. fixed: double scrolling issue on some internet browsers. removed: "old" choices structure, fully using WordPress Customizer now. upgraded: light customizer framework. 1.14.1 – – November 29 2017. repaired: WordPress Customizer issue on WordPress 4.9. fixed: TheEventsCalendar Pro – – mini calendar widget CSS minor problem. updated: Visual Composer v5.4.5. 1.14.0 – – October 13 2017. included: alternative to alter mobile menu color. included: option to alter off-canvas menu color. updated: better customizer framework. upgraded: downturn testimonial slider to 8 seconds & & add next/prev navigation. updated: new API url for automated update feature. upgraded: Structured Data – – valid JSON-LD Schema.org Events for Single Event. updated: Structured Data – – eliminate no longer utilized hcalendar microformat. updated: Structured Data – – update hentry microformat on single post. upgraded: Structured Data – – upgrade hentry microformat on blog page. upgraded: UberMenu – – better compatibility. added: WP Customer Reviews – – fundamental compatibility & styling. included: One Click Demo Import – – add alternative to disable this function. added: One Click Demo Import – – remove WooCommerce wizard notice after importing demo content. repaired: TGMPA – – remove alerting on bulk installer for WP 4.8. added: TheEventsCalendar – – choice to show Facebook Comments on single occasion. repaired: TheEventsCalendar – – small design concern on single event page on Safari iPad. fixed: TheEventsCalendar – – small event price design issue. 1.13.0 – – 14 September 2017. added: include "tokopress_fonts" filter to allow user including Google Font from child theme. included: add Marvel Google Font on customizer, by Eventica user demand. included: TheEventsCalendar – – option to show occasion month in short text format (3 letters). fixed: TheEventsCalendar – – responsive style on google calendar & ical export button. added: EventTickets – – better responsive design for EventTickets form. upgraded: TEC Frontend Submission – avoid double submission since of other plugin conflict. fixed: TEC Frontend Submission – – incorrect sanitization technique for occasion expense. 1.12.0 – – 20 July 2017. added: much better Customizer for theme colors, fonts, and options. included: TGMPA – – Thumbnail Upscale plugin. fixed: some responsive design concern. included: TheEventsCalendar – – alternative to disable currency locking to WooCommerce currency settings. updated: TheEventsCalendar – – leave out purchase button on past event. upgraded: Visual Composer v5.2. repaired: TheEventsCalendar – – design issue on List View. repaired: TheEventsCalendar – layout problem on highlighted occasion. repaired: TheEventsCalendar Pro – – design concern on repeating event info. repaired: EventTickets – – responsive layout issue. – 1.11.1 – 19 April 2017. fixed: Back To Top icon does not reveal on iPhone five. included: WooCommerce – – assistance WooCommerce 3.0. added: TheEventsCalendar – alternative to reveal day of week on list view of events catalog page. fixed: TheEventsCalendar – – sometimes past occasions widget show upcoming occasion. repaired: TheEventsCalendar – – missing out on prior to & after hooks on Eventica featured event. updated: Visual Composer Plugin v5.1.1. updated: EventTickets – – add ticket form anchor link offset when sticky header is active. fixed: EventTickets – – missing designs & scripts enqueue on Eventica Featured event. 1.11.0 – – 13 March 2017. uddated: page title – – show occasion category name on event classification page . updated: use fundamental TheEventsCalendar pagination. updated: occasion search box. updated: Font Awesome 4.7.0. upgraded: move supplier stylesheets to various CSS file. upgraded: combine woocommerce stylesheet to primary stylesheet. repaired: cost display problem on occasion meta. repaired: TheEventsCalendarPro – – blank display issue on Photo View. 1.10.0 – – 28 October 2016. included: TheEventsCalendar 4.3 compatibility. added: option to disable repeating occasion information on list view. added: choice for product image layout (full/half width) on WooCommerce item page. included: nofollow and open link in new window for footer social icons. upgraded: move Event Details metabox listed below Event Tickets metabox. updated: event slider design on mobile. updated: WPML config file update. repaired: missing place on TEC4.3 update. repaired: stretched logo design image concern on sticky header. repaired: logo design overlap with hamburger menu problem on mobile. fixed: multiline layout concern on event schedule. fixed: VC Testimonial – – numbers of testimonilas to show. repaired: uncommon concern on Upcoming Events & & Recent Posts widget. repaired: RTL concern for Event Slider. 1.9.0 – – 9 August 2016. added: new Visual Composer element – Event Venues. added: new Visual Composer component – – Event Organizers. included: brand-new TP – – Featured Event widget. included: much better placeholder images. included: option to include minicart icon on header menu. added: choice to disable month and year separator on list view. included: option to disable occasion gallery on single occasion page. added: option to change occasion gallery title on single occasion page. added: choice to disable related occasions on single occasion page. included: option to change associated occasions title on single occasion page. included: option to include past events on related events. added: TheEventsCalendar – – styling for Events List widget output. repaired: missing out on start & & end time on single occasion page for multiday occasion. fixed: rare bug on event cost syncronization. updated: password protected occasion. upgraded: single location template. updated: single organizer design template. upgraded: boost line height for much better readibility. updated: sticky header positioning when admin bar is active. updated: event categories and event tags string translation. 1.8.1 – – 26 July 2016. included: alternative to utilize Google Maps API secret for Contact page design template. upgraded: default included occasion reveals the next occurring event. upgraded: Event Tickets Plus – – offer adequate area for event cost. updated: Community Events – – improve responsive occasion submission. repaired: image alignment concern. 1.8.0 – – 17 June 2016. included: assistance multiple organizers output on single occasion page. added: Event Frontend Submission – – assistance multiple event classifications choice. included: Event Frontend Submission – – support numerous event organizers choice. added: suitable with WooCommerce 2.6. added: styling My Account tab navigation on WooCommerce 2.6. updated: outdate design template files on WooCommerce 2.6.1. upgraded: TGM Plugin Activation 2.6.1. updated: Visual Composer 4.12. included: option to allow Visual Composer License Page (Appearance – – Theme Options – Misc ). It works if you purchase Visual Composer license to get direct plugin updates and main support from Visual Composer designer. 1.7.0 – – 7 June 2016. included: alternative to alter events page title (default: Events). added: alternative to change "Upcoming Events" text. included: choice to change the word "Event"/ "Events" worldwide. included: customizer choice to alter Back To Top background color. added: reveal event date/time detail on Event Slider. added: TheEventsCalendarPro – – program recurring information on event list, single occasion, and slider. included: brand-new Past Events Visual Composer aspect. added: new Posts Slider Visual Composer element. added: compatible with TEC EventBrite. updated: show start-end date/time instead of x days/weeks for consistency. upgraded: open external event link at CTA button on brand-new window. upgraded: FontAwesome 4.6.3. repaired: TheEventsCalendarPro – – place search issue. fixed: TheEventsCalendarPro – – image view layout concern when using FilterBar. fixed: Events Slider sort by IDs concern. fixed: WordPress database error Unknown column ‘‘ EventStartDate in ‘‘ order provision. 1.6.6 – – 23 April 2016. upgraded: Visual Composer 1.6.5 – – 13 April 2016. included: notice to alter currency alternatives on WooCommerce Settings. added: Custom Header Extended plugin support for single occasion. repaired: double arrow issue on Home Slider since of VC Grid. fixed: currency encoding problem on TEC Filter Bar addon. 1.6.4 – – 28 March 2016. updated: Visual Composer v4.11.1. updated: increase depth level of header menu. repaired: wrong event time calculation. 1.6.3 – – 24 March 2016. included: compatible with MailChimp Pro 3.0 plugin. upgraded: Visual Composer v4.11.1. fixed: eliminate some notices on TEC when WP_DEBUG is active. 1.6.2 – – 12 March 2016. included: suitable with CM2 2.2.1. updated: now Past Events widget use DESC order. upgraded: Visual Composer Plugin v4.10. 1.6.1 – – 22 January 2016. added: suitable with WooCommerce 2.5.0. upgraded: Visual Composer v4.9.2. fixed: Google map styling concern on single venue. 1.6 – – 30 December 2015. included: suitable with WordPress 4.4. added: suitable with The Events Calendar 4.0. added: suitable with Event Tickets. included: compatible with Event Tickets Plus. updated: Visual Composer 4.9. updated: TGMPA 2.5.2. 1.5.1 – – 27 November 2015. added: The Events Calendar utilizes WooCommerce currency settings when WooCommerce is active! included: TEC WooTicket – – alternative to show event participants list on Single Event page (per event). added: TEC WooTicket – – brand-new responsive design for ticket table. added: Mailchimp4WP v3 assistance. upgraded: responsive cart page. upgraded: contact type. updated: Visual Composer Plugin 4.8.1. 1.5.0 – – 9 October 2015. upgraded: Visual Composer Plugin 4.7.4. 1.4.9 – – 28 August 2015. added: option to hide Page Title globally. added: much better styling for WooTicket ticket table. updated: Visual Composer 4.6.2. updated: better submenu indicator using fa-angle-down and fa-angle-left. updated: better responsive for single blog site page & & comment. updated: use new TEC 3.11 class name . fixed: missing out on event expense on single event page. repaired: event expense is converted to integer value in WooCommerce. repaired: missing out on Subscribe Form alternative when Mailchimp plugin is not active. fixed: bug on home search block. repaired: Google Maps link need to open in new window. fixed: missing Single Venue page after TEC 3.11 update. repaired: missing out on Single Organizer page after TEC 3.11 upgrade. 1.4.8 – – 24 August 2015. 1.4.7 – – 11 August 2015. included: pre choice filter to constantly use "Default Events Template" for Events Template alternative. repaired: quantity number problem on Cart page due to the fact that of WooTickets product number input filter. updated: WooCommerce 2.4 template override notification. 1.4.6 – – 9 August 2015. updated: utilize new TEC 3.11 class name. repaired: list view navigation issue after TEC 3.11 update. repaired: hamburger menu icon color on mobile use logo text color. 1.4.5 – – 14 July 2015 . added: occasion list styling when "Include events in main blog loop" option is ON. repaired: max-width of event page when people bar is disabled. repaired: frontend submission design concern, it is bug on the latest CMB2 plugin. 1.4.4 – – 20 June 2015. upgraded: Visual Composer 4.5.3, addressing PrettyPhoto security problem. 1.4.3 – – 4 June 2015. fixed: wrong download URL for Eventica Visual Composer components plugin package. 1.4.2 – – 2 June 2015 . added: The Events Calendar WooTicket – – set minimum quantity to 1. added: numbers & & classification option for Upcoming Events and Events Slider. added: conceal buy ticket button for passed events. included: https support for google fonts and placeholders. included: exclude alternative for Upcoming Events. fixed: stretched/ not aligned logo design image concern. repaired: Event IDs purchasing problem on event slider. repaired: conceal Google Maps problem. 1.4.1 – – 23 April 2015. fixed: security vulnerability concern with add_query_arg. repaired: bugs on TGMPA class. 1.4 – – 22 April 2015. included: Frontend Submission for The Events Calendar. added: Customizer alternatives to change body font styles and heading fonts. 1.3 – – 10 April 2015. included: Many Customizer choices to alter essential colors on Content, Home, Events, WooCommerce. added: The Events Calendar Filter Bar compatibility. added: UberMenu compatibility. added: Events Venue shortcode. included: brand-new single venue page. included: choice to link place name on single event to location page. included: Events Organizer shortcode. added: new single organizer page. included: option to link organizer name on single occasion to organizer page. added: alternative to pick classification on upcoming events element. included: "Return To Events" button on Cart page when cart is empty. added: choice to show comment type on single occasion page. included: Visual Composer Elements plugin is translatable now. fixed: Events Slider not show past event with particular ID. fixed: Events list box are not lined up appropriately. repaired: customized background concern. repaired: search kind widget style. 1.2.1 – – 30 March 2015. added: choice to enable/disable sticky header. upgraded: smooth sticky header. upgraded: TEC PRO – – link location name to location page. upgraded: TEC – PRO – link organizer name to organizer page. fixed: missing organizer link. repaired: mobile not challenging clickable on touch gadget. repaired: html5 validation problems. 1.2 – – 2 March 2015 . added: Visual Composer v4.4.2. added: Eventica Visual Composer elements and shortcodes. added: Visual Composer (blank) page template. included: "complete width" page template. included: "no title" page design template. added: "full width + no title" page design template. included: "with remarks" page template. included: option to hide page title and sidebar on events and single event page. added: alternative to hide page title and sidebar on contact page design template. added: choice to conceal page title and sidebar on main shop page. included: alternative to conceal product score on shop page. included: The Events Calendar Pro – – additional fields output on event information. upgraded: use "Visit Organizer Website" for organizer link on occasion detail. upgraded: sticky header. upgraded: WooCommerce 2.3 styling. fixed: TGMPA Bulk Installer issue. repaired: The Events Calendard Pro – – Photo view problem. repaired: WooCommerce item category column issue. 1.1.1 – – 12 February 2015. included: capability to offer ticket with WooCommerce. added: choices to tailor header and footer colors via Customizer. repaired: custom background output concern. fixed: event custom material sanitization issue. fixed: occasion gallery grid on little gadget. fixed: event time formatting for multiday event to support PHP 5.2. 1.1.0 – – 11 February 2014. included: event gallery. included: personalized call to action text and link per occasion. added: choice to include custom-made content listed below occasion schedule. added: favicon alternative. included: header & & footer script options. added: The Events Calendar Pro compatible – – Week view suport . included: The Events Calendar Pro compatible – – Map view suport. included: The Events Calendar Pro suitable – – Photo view support. included: The Events Calendar Pro suitable – – Venue page support. included: The Events Calendar Pro compatible – – Organizer page assistance. included: The Events Calendar Pro compatible – – Widget styling. added: The Events Calendar Pro suitable – – conceal related events, we currently have this one. included: The Events Calendar – – WooCommerce Ticket compatible. included: The Events Calendar – – Community Event extension suitable. updated: alternatives to disable the majority of components in Home page design template. upgraded: much better breadcrumb for occasion and blog site. updated: show TEC page title in proper position to totally support the ajax. repaired: show upcoming occasions for associated occasions. repaired: get rid of double title issue. repaired: sponsor width issue on Firefox. 1.0.4. fixed: header menu concern. repaired: prev and next occasions color on mobile device. 1.0.3. repaired: style choice issue. fixed: widget issue when widget title missing out on. fixed: set max width for video. new: get very first attached picture of article when included image is not offered. [ad_2] Source. 03 – Eventica – Create Homepage Using WPBakery Page BuilderContractor 05 – Eventica – Create Contact Page. 09 – Eventica – Add/Edit An EventOccasion 10 – Eventica – Event Gallery. 11 – Eventica – Event Venue and Organizer.

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