Timeline: Russia’s Worst Mining Disasters

At least 50 miners and rescuers died Thursday after smoke filled a coal mine in Siberia, the current in a string of disasters to strike Russias mining industry in recent decades.
Though dozens of those still trapped inside were thought to have died, authorities said one survivor was recuperated from the site early Friday. Numerous of the mines supervisors have been apprehended for presumed security offenses.
Heres a look at the other fatal mining events, many of them in the Kemerovo mining area, likewise called Kuzbass, that have occurred in Russias post-Soviet history:
March 2007
Kuzbass was struck by Russias worst mining catastrophe in living memory on March 19, 2007, when a minimum of 108 miners passed away in a methane surge and fire at the Ulyanovskaya mine..
Detectives discovered indications of tampering with safety equipment developed to prevent miners from working in hazardous conditions, a safety guard dog said at the time.
May 2007.
Quickly after the Ulyanovskaya mine catastrophe, a minimum of 38 individuals were killed in a methane explosion in Kemerovos Yubileynaya mine on May 24, 2007.
Private investigators said a damaged cable spark had actually triggered a surge at the mine..
May 2010.
On May 8, 2010, an explosion ripped through the Raspadskaya mine in the Kemerovo area that took the lives of 91 guys..
The cause: miners laid a wet cloth over sensors, obstructing their capability to monitor the level of explosive methane gas.
February 2016.
Outdoors Kemerovo, a minimum of 36 miners and rescuers were eliminated in a series of surges at the Severnaya coal mine inside the Arctic Circle on Feb. 25, 2016, north of the city of Vorkuta in the republic of Komi.
Dripping methane gas was likewise thought to have actually caused todays occurrence, which is Russias fifth-deadliest mining catastrophe in the 21st century..
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