Xi’s letter inspires media to shoulder social responsibilities, promote common values, say media professionals

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent out a congratulatory letter to the 4th World Media Summit, which started in Beijing on Monday.
Xis letter stated on how the world media can better take on social obligations and build up agreement, which injects fresh impetus into worldwide media exchanges and cooperation, the promotion of the typical values of mankind, and the building of a community with a shared future for humanity, foreign media professionals have actually said.
The congratulatory letter sent out by Xi is a substantial increase for the media summit, said Narasimhan Ram, director of The Hindu Publishing Group.
The letter is testament to the value China connects to the professional role and social duty of the news media in “looking for proper responses to the significant questions of our times and building large consensus around the world,” stated Ram, who is also a presidium member of the top.
Xis letter “resonated well with the knowings, experiences and insights exchanged by presidium members and other speakers,” Ram stated.
Checking out Xis letter, Hu Lanbo, director of Cina in Italia publication, said media experts know what type of social duties they ought to take on.
Today, there is greater need for media specialists to deliver an objective message, and the top has actually even more strengthened their self-confidence, stated Hu.
Such events as the top have helped achieve “a sort of communication, exchange of concepts and cooperation in between media outlets, particularly in establishing countries and China,” said Tarek el-Sonoty, deputy editor-in-chief of Egypts state-run Al-Ahram paper.
Remi Godeau, editor-in-chief of the Paris-based paper Opinion, stated “What is essential is the need to protect details based upon realities and realities in the context of an abundance of negative details. Because the reality of facts is the base for numerous things, such as excellent efficiency of economy, good governance and excellent options made by individuals.”

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