Spain Press Review – Monday 2 December 2019

El País
POSE and Unidas Podemos have agreed a continuous economic policy – the programme includes a partial change in the labour reform and higher taxes for businesses but not for individuals. The agreement means the 2019 budgets can now be passed which will come as some relief given greater stability for companies


El Mundo
Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla – president of Andalucía
‘Without Sánchez it would be possible to make an agreement between the PP and PSOE’
‘Sánchez is heading for another Transition and the PSOE are deaf ‘Where are the barons and Susana Díaz?
‘The old Andalucía without ambition has passed, in 2020 we are going to create 70,000 new jobs

Climate Change Summit
Endesa will present in the COP25 in Madrid their solutions for a society free of pollutants – What they won’t say is how many and costing how much. Their strategic plan is to invest 3.8 billion € over four years in renewable energy. A policy to transform Spain with development opportunities in areas of sensitive and rural character

La Razón
‘Sánchez is posturing as a head of State in the Climate Crisis summit in Madrid’ – he’s given his first press conference in 10 days and will have a frenetic agenda of more than eight hours a day with international leaders. Felipe VI will not attend until the closure and today holds a reception in the Royal Palace
Climatic emergency against political division
The general secretary of the UN has warned of the lack of willingness in measures to save the planet. Antonio Guterres said current plans are ‘absolutely inadequate’ and calls for the closure of all coal power plants

Last year, Endesa spent 1.7 billion € on environmental investments, up 4.3% on last year. CO2 emissions have fallen by nearly 40% since 2015

Save on your hotel -


El País
‘The PSOE socialists offered the ERC Catalan republicans a wider Statute and more investment’ – the socialists have proposed a new financing system in 2020 – the PSOE has a fan of wide ranging proposals in an attempt to convince the ERC to abstain during the investiture of Pedro Sánchez to facilitate a socialist government. Among them, a substantial increase in funding for Catalonia in the next budget ending in a new autonomous financing system in 2020. Once the legislature is in power the development of a new Statute. Given that the budget for 2019 has not been approved, blocked by the ERC, it granted the Catalan region more than any other at 2.351 billion euros
El País publishes an extract of the memories of Mariano Rajoy -Thursday 31 May 2018 when I was walking towards the Congress of Deputies I was aware that this would be my last parliamentary debate – A Better Spain is the title
‘I wanted to go back home, but some companions suggest setting up a meal, after the motion of censure

Photo of the statue at la Cibeles in Madrid painted green
Madrid – Capital against global warming .
Spain faces the summit to fight the climatic emergency –
Madrid is enthusiastic that the summit will end with the largest international compromise to dramatically reduce carbon emissions

El Mundo
The socialists negotiating with Podemos and ERC has caused outrage in the Zarzuela Palace – The King’s surroundings are unquiet about two things – one a loss of international prestige and just how many ministers will Podemos be given
Serious concerns in a section of the PSOE – who believe that Sánchez has no plan – ‘he is improvising and yet not talking to anyone’
The paper notes the narco-submarine was not the first to arrive in Spain

La Razón
Dedicates its front page on recycling in the home
Tell he how you recycle and I’ll tell you who you are
Personalities from politics and society have shown their commitment to fight global warming before the Summit
Fernando Grande-Marlaska – Interior minister
‘I have been recycling for twenty years forced by my husband’s defence of the environment
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada – designer ‘I recycle old clothes and shower will low pressure water
Padre Ángel – messenger for peace
‘Not recycling is a sin such as killing or robbery . The Church has been a pioneer in naturally environmentally practices’

La Vanguardia
Photo of people demonstrating in Barcelona against globalisation
Also Unquiet inside the PSOE for watering down the talks with the ERC – the PP want to put an end to this ‘shameful debating’

La Verdad for Murcia
‘Elevated debt in the Murcia region has blamed Pedro Sánchez’ – suppliers are having to wait 89.5 days to be paid – the longest in all the autonomous regions, a new conflict with Madrid – Unpaid bills amount to 243 million €

Información for Alicante
‘Lower wages have forced more than 233,000 people to take second jobs’ – up by 3.7% this year in the Valencia Region. Youngsters have more energy to make progress
Scientists using sunlight to create new molecules destined for new medicines and materials

Diario for Mallorca
New contagions of HIV on the Baleares fell by 26% with respect to last year – health workers celebrate the dramatic fall, but warn all precautions must remain – Carriers of the virus have a normal life, thanks to new medicaments

Diario for Ibiza
‘104 people have been arrested at the airport with fake passports’ – National Police have placed more controls of 124 officers between January and October

Nearly 500 have voted for a new health centre – The day went without incident in a tense atmosphere .

The metropolitan area has become a refuge for the youngest – the dormitory towns surrounding the city have cheaper prices
The over-ground section of the Metro will be completed in May
67 % of the 21 billion € of the Andalusian region is generated in Málaga

La Opinión for Málaga
‘The decree which will revolutionise hotels in Andalucía in 2020’ – the regional tourism board – stars to be better classified and hopefully within nine months
The Junta wants this system, applied in other Spanish destinations for grand luxury five stars hotels for new investors

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