Spain On This Day – December 2

1023 – In the mosque of Cordoba is elected as the new caliph Abd ar-Rahman V (brother of the late Muhammad II al-Mahdi), who takes the title of al-Mustazhir bi-llah (the imploring the aid of Allah).
1617 – Construction started of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.
1873 – War of Cuba. The Spanish troops are defeated in Palo Seco by the natives, led by Maximo Gomez.

1875 – Antonio Cánovas del Castillo is named President of the Council of Ministers.
1897 – Spain condedes autonomy to Puerto Rico.
1906 – Signature Act bounding border between Spain and Portugal.
1925 – The dictator Miguel Primo de Rivera replaces the Military Directory.
1963 – The Government creates the Court of Public Order, special judicial instance for the repression of political crimes.


Felipe González – photo

1982 – Felipe González is sworn in before King Juan Carlos I as the new Prime Minister of Spain, after his party, PSOE, achieved an absolute majority in the third general election to be held following the death of Francisco Franco in 1975.
1987 – Spain and Britain reach agreement in London on joint use of Gibraltar Airport.

1632 – Francisco de Tamariz, priest.
1753 – Francisco Javier de Balmis and Berenguer, military doctor and honorary surgeon of the court of King Charles IV.
1873 – Ramón I Orlandis i Despuig SJ, Spanish Jesuit priest and philosopher, founder of the magazine Christianity.
1902 – Milagros Leal, actress (d. 1975)
1940 – Raimon, singer and songwriter in the Valencian language.
1942 – Marisa Medina, actress (d. 2012)
1943 – Elisa Ramírez, actress.
1948 – Jorge Wagensberg, profeessor, researcher and writer.
1950 – Olvido García Valdés, poet.
1951 – Isabel Tenaille, television journalist.
1958 – Juan Ramón Lucas, journalist.
1966 – Joan Puigcercós, Catalan Politician.
1978 – David Rivas, footballer.
1978 – Fonsi Nieto, motorcycle rider.
1985 – Alberto de la Bella, footballer.

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1515 – Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, general (b. 1453)
1547 – The Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés, the conqueror of Mexico, died on this day in Castilleja de la Cuesta, near Sevilla.
1895 – Rafael Romero y Barros, painter (b. 1832)
1923 – Tomás Bretón Hernández, Composer (b. 1950)
1932 – Amadeo Vives, composer of zarzuelas.
1937 – José Comas y Solá, astronomer.
1982 – Antulio Sanjuan Ribes, theatre actor and poet.
1995 – Angel Crespo, poet, essayist, translator and critic of Spanish art.

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