Spain On This Day – November 28

1493 – Christopher Columbus discovers Jamaica and Puerto Rico, as well as circumnavigate much of Cuba.
1779 – The Spanish colonel Matias Gálvez and Gallardo attacked the British territory of Nicaraguan Mosquitia.
1814 – Fernando VII of Spain creates the Military Order of San Hermenegildo.


King Alfonso XII – wikipedia

1821 – Panama proclaimed its independence from Spain and adheres to New Granada.
1838 – Construction of the Cathedral of Cadiz is completed.
1885 – Alfonso XII’s widow, Maria Cristina of Hapsburg-Lorraine, swears fidelity to the heir to the throne and the Constitution.
1925 – In Barcelona, Catholic Action League Women protesting the placement of sculptural sketch of a statue in Plaza Catalunya.
1930 -Jose Ortega y Gasset published The Revolt of the Masses.
1936 – In Paracuellos de Jarama (Madrid), the playwright Pedro Muñoz Seca is shot (paracuellos massacres).
1963 – The Spanish Parliament approved the Statute of Autonomy for Fernando Poo and Rio Muni.
1983 – The Spanish writer Francisco Ayala is awarded the National Prize for Fiction.
2005 – Spain and Portugal: The tropical storm Delta crosses the Atlantic Ocean, affecting Madeira (Portugal) and the Canary Islands (Spain), where it causes electric cuts of more than a week.
2010 – CiU wins the Elections to the Parliament of Catalonia after two tripartite legislatures.

1774 – Francisco de Paula y Marín, botanist (d. 1837)
1857 – King Alfonso XII was born in Madrid (1874-1885)
1874 – Emilio Torres Reina Bombita, bullfighter.
1895 – José Iturbi, pianist and conductor (d. 1980)
1895 – Juan Artola, footballer (d. 1937)
1923 – Emilio Rodríguez Barros, cyclist (d. 1984)
1927 – Joan Ponç, Catalan painter (d. 1984)
1931 – Joan Guinjoan Gispert, Catalan composer, director of the Center for Documentation and Dissemination of Contemporary Music in Barcelona.
1936 – Celin Romero, Spanish-American guitarist (The Romeros)
1938 – José Antonio González Caviedes, politician (d. 1996)
1940 – Javier Sádaba, philosopher.
1942 – Manolo Blahnik, Spanish-English shoe designer
1957 – Gaspar Llamazares, politician.
1960 – Jorge Domecq, diplomat
1960 – John Galliano, Gibraltarian-English fashion designer
1960 – Víctor Fernández, football trainer.
1961 – Ramón García,radio and television presenter.
1970 – Álex López Morón, tennis player
1975 – Juan Martín Díaz, Argentinian – Spanish padel player
1976 – Juana Acosta, Colombian actress nationalized Spanish.
1976 – Aitor Ocio Carrión, footballer.
1988 – Adrián Rodríguez, actor and signer

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1585 – Hernando Franco, composer (b. 1532)
1939 – José Agustín Pérez del Pulgar, priest and physicist (b. 1875)
1966 – José Isbert, actor.
1974 – Miguel Odriozola, geneticist and trade unionist (b. 1903)
1990 – Formula One driver, Francisco Godia-Sales, died in Barcelona. He was the first Spanish driver to make the jump to Formula One, and also owned one of the most important private art collections in Spain, which is on display at the Francisco Godia Foundation in Barcelona.
1994 – Vicente Enrique y Tarancón, Cardinal.
1994 – Venancio Pérez, footballer (b. 1921)

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