Spain Papers Review – Monday September 15, 2019

El País
‘The attack on the largest Saudi oil refinery has threatened the world price of petrol’ – leading to a large increase in petrol prices and increased tensions between the USA and Iran
The world Gold price has reached a record level given the economic uncertainty with Russia, China and the emerging countries buying the metal for protection from more uncertainty


The worst gota-fria (cloudburst) for 140 years has destroyed 300,000 hectares of orchard and citric crops
Rajoy has returned to political debate with a face to face with Felipe González
The nationalists will facilitate the investiture if there is a left-wing pact – the King opens a round of consultations today

ABC and El Mundo
Dedicate front pages to the Spanish Basketball team who have won the World Cup – beating Argentina (75-95), achieved by individual talent and collective sacrifice for their Second World Championships
ABC shows Rudy Fernández holding the cup up high in Beijing surrounded by team members

La Vanguardia
The PSOE is contemplating alternative majorities after the result – Sánchez believes he will be strengthened by the repeated election and his cabinet hopes for the PP to abstain

La Verdad for Murcia
The cloudburst and flooding has disrupted water supplies for parts of the population, as one desalinating plant has been lost, a tuna farm was washed away with dead fish reaching the sea, 1,500 volunteers from all the region are removed the mud and debris from Las Alcázares

Información for Alicante
The devastating storm has obliged the rescue of more than 5,000 people
The army is repairing the breaks in the banks of the Segura river.

La Opinión for Málaga
The Junta will approve aids against the flooding tomorrow – 133 towns across Andalucía can apply for the sum of 10 million €

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El País
‘Vertigo in the last hours before a new general election is called’ – voter apathy is of great concern as shown by the opinion polls. Today contacts between the PSOE and Podemos continue in the absence of both leaders who have reached a stalemate

Editorial – the alternatives to avoid another general election are restricted and frustrating, but they continue to exist and the process must reach a pronouncement on the way ahead. If the King wants to put an end to this electoral paralysis if the next candidate, whoever it is, fails to be invested, then the political groups in parliament have to explain to the public their lack of an agreement
Those who are paying for the political paralysis – unfunded councils, unprotected women and companies acting outside the law.
Photo of Pedro Sánchez the acting prime minister visiting the disaster area where he witness the extent of the damage caused by the downfall and flooding. He was joined by his interior and development ministers at Orihuela , one of the areas most affected by the climate change which has taken six lives
Casado and Alonso have stopped the infighting in the Basque PP – ‘no more time for silliness’ . Interview of Alberto Núñez Feijóo – president of the Xunta of Galicia
‘If our party leaders were men of the State instead of playing like adolescents, then perhaps we can construct a national coalition of unity’ – The Galician baron has left the PP official line and called on its leaders ‘ to be useful’ so Spain can see the conditional investiture of Pedro Sánchez

Chronicle of nine hours of negotiations between PSOE and Podemos – Carmen Calvo – ‘Until you remove your red line against forming a coalition, we will no longer sit down with you’ – ‘You cannot act with equality when the difference in the number of seats is 80’ – ‘You missed your only opportunity…we can’t help you with that error’ Podemos ‘You have been ingenious by claiming that you really wanted to reach an agreement’
The cloudburst has taken another victim in Orihuela – a 41-year old local is the sixth fatality from the storm which battered the southeast of Spain . Photo of Orihuela flooded after the Segura river burst its banks

La Razón
Interviews Gabriel Rufían, spokesman for the ERC Catalan separatists in Congress – ‘If Iglesias allowed Sánchez to be invested, he would be held up by the shoulders in Congress. He warned of a possible 15 years imprisonment facing Junqueras and admitted that Puigdemont is now out of the picture
A return to the right is possible on November 10 – if the right blocs join forces . PP Ciudadanos and Vox and repeat the 2016 result, they would have an overall majority
Voter apathy among the left-wingers, will be key
Pablo Casado tries to unite his party ‘No time for stupidity or controversy
Photo of a car trapped in water in Dolores (Alicante) – villages isolated and six dead, the balance of an historic catastrophe – the experts warned what was ahead ‘Much of the destruction would still have happened despite us planning ahead’

La Vanguardia
The cloudburst continues – the overflowed Segura river has maintained flooded localities such as Orihuela and Dolores (photo) – experts fear that these extraordinary events will become more frequent – six fatalities and 3,500 evacuated from their homes
‘Sánchez and Iglesias are playing overtime in discounting the threat of an election’ – the PSOE government remains optimistic about avoiding another election despite the talks reaching a dead-end
Brexit threatens Spanish exporters – the uncertainty surrounding the resolution of Brexit has obliged setting up contingency plans which includes contractual clauses

La Verdad in Murcia
‘The passing of the cloudburst has uncovered the magnitude of the disaster’ – the repeated Segura river bursting its banks has led to other rivers doing the same
Pedro Sánchez visited Los Alcázares and promised government aid
Photo of a family from Los Nietos, collecting valuables from their flooded home, with the help of municipal workers. There are thousands of similar dramas
Photo of a family of El Real escaping the rising water carrying the family dog
The most devastating downpour over the last decades with historically high levels of rainfall, has left the region and leaving uncovered all the extent of the disaster. Losses in the villages of the Mar Menor are catastrophic, as the acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez saw for himself and promised top funding relief .

Información for Alicante
‘The most violent storm in 140 years has taken another life and the Segura river continues flooding – the green helmets of Rabasa found the body of a 40-year-old man in Orihuela who disappeared on Friday – the river continues to increase and floods cover the Vega Baja, where thousands remain isolated
Photo of Pedro Sánchez kissing a woman in Orihuela
An electrical storm cloud of 2,000 square metres with loads of lightning strikes crossed the province overnight
Orchards have been affected as now the rescues begin with the farmers impotent and fearful

Diario for Mallorca
‘The Government has paid nothing in compensation for the flood damage last year’ Sánchez promised 20.1 million euro to compensate flooding in Sant Llorenç and surrounding villages – Mayors protest still waiting for funding -photo of people running in their underwear in Bunyola
A tourist has died when the balcony of his chalet collapsed and the victim fell down a cliff some 20 metres apparently when chasing a ball

Diario for Ibiza
Photo of a group of British and Irish locals concerned about a hard Brexit – the two nationalities residents on the island debating the consequences of the rupture – Bob Morris, Brian Whetton, Berno Kyberd and Ger Sweeney
One in four vehicles fail their ITV tests on the island – the booking in advance has no vacancies until the middle of January

Wages among the neighbourhoods of Maó reach 66% of inequality between 25,554€ and 37,112 €

Diario Sur for Málaga
The cloudburst escaped Málaga – Guadalhorce and Nororma saw the most rainfall with 149 litres per square metre in Coin where streets and basements were flooded and dozens of cars moved -photo of a group of men with brooms pushing away the water

La Opinión for Málaga
The cloudburst left some 115 litres per square metre in two hours in Guadalhorce and the north of Málaga and in the city centre a hundreds year old Fiscus was damaged
Málaga is the third province in Spain for selling new homes – more than 6,000 in one year, up by 15%

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