Cracking the Code of Cicada 3301

In 2012, a secretive group called 3301 released a puzzle known as Cicada. For years, it’s remained one of the internet’s greatest unsolved mysteries. In our final episode, Marcus Wanner and OneCool travel to Las Vegas where they meet Canadian Nox Populi in person for the first time. The trio attend the DevCon Hacking Conference and pick brains hoping to find someone, anyone who can help them crack Liber Primus. They’re getting that desperate. Elsewhere, journalist Bryan Burrough’s investigation into the origin of Cicada takes him to the University of California at Berkeley to talk to Bill Marczak. The postdoctoral researcher specializes in internet privacy and digital rights. UC Berkeley was the birthplace of the cypherpunks movement in the early 1990s. These hackers wrote code to defend digital privacy back in the day. Could there be a tie to Cicada?

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