Rudy Giuliani is running a backchannel with Ukraine to take down Mueller, Trump’s critics. Two operatives who report to Rudy Giuliani are meeting with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Democrats in 2020. : politics

To answer that, let’s think for a minute about the narrative that says Ukraine is operating in bad faith to undermine democracy and elect Democrats in the US.

To get clues as to who’s behind it, we have to ask who this narrative benefits, and how.

Well, it benefits Russia to the degree that Ukraine is seen as hostile toward the United States, as that could help to decrease the chances of America standing behind Ukraine should, I don’t know, some random regional superpower decide it wants to invade or annex them.

Secondly, it benefits the current Republican fascist administration here in the United States. By painting hostile foreign election interference, treason, and espionage as some run-of-the-mill political trickery that everybody takes part in from time to time, it softens the potential political and legal impacts of, I don’t know, a random special counsel who might be scheduled to give public testimony at some point…this week.

It really doesn’t take a geopolitical expert to see that the “Ukraine tried to elect Hillary” thing is tailor-made propaganda. And I think it tells us which side of the Ukrainian independence debate is propagating it.

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