Stocks to Sell, 2 Dividend Picks, and How Many Funds You Need

That’s how many low and medium uncertainty stocks are trading at least 50% above our fair value estimates. Time to sell!

That’s the percentage of our Ultimate Stock-Pickers’ top-10 holdings that are wide- or narrow-moat stocks. We review the top buys and sells of these outstanding money managers.

$200 per share
That’s our fair value estimate of

That’s the year that Social Security is projected to run out of money. Christine Benz talks with Baird’s Tim Steffen about possible solutions that are being talked about to ensure solvency.

$2 billion to $12 billion
The average mid-cap company falls in this market-cap range. Russ Kinnel reveals his three favorite funds focused on this part of the market.

That’s the total number of asset classes that Morningstar’s manager selection group requires its retirement-plan clients to hold. Josh Charlson takes a look at the question of how many funds are needed to effectively cover that asset-class waterfront.

That was the year-to-date median return for funds in the high-yield bond Morningstar Category though the end of May. We take a look at what’s been driving the rally.

$7.25 per share
That’s our new fair value estimate on

70.5 years old
That’s the age at which investors can make qualified charitable distributions–which have become even more appealing for many after the recent tax-law changes. Christine Benz talks about how to maximize the strategy.

$900 billion per year
That’s how many assets the U.S. Social Security Administration converts into income for retirees each year. Should the agency get into the business of turning 401(k) assets into retirement income streams? John Rekenthaler shares his thoughts.

That’s how many liquid alternative funds would have improved our test portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns by more than 10% since 2012. Jason Kephart reveals his latest research on whether these funds are worth investor attention.

We expect

That’s how many winners there were at this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee. Ben Johnson compares the Super Bowl of spelling to the concept of alpha.

That’s the total 401(k) contribution limit. Total contributions consist of the employee’s own pretax or Roth contributions (to which the $19,000 limit apples), employer contributions (matching funds and the like), and aftertax contributions. Christine Benz examines how super-savers can make the most of the mega-backdoor Roth.

That’s how many stocks that rookie Artisan Thematic (APDTX) holds in its portfolio. We take a deep dive into this promising fund that’s on our radar.

That’s how much of the revenue of the companies in

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